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And my uncle said that nice now also we were franken. I'm with talking about how i mean you. You know. I remember when you used to do your bit on You know arnold hor shack and stuff. I catch rushing star. Children created that show. And you were wound up being pushed out of the show that you created yes autumn. It was always a conflict between me and comex who was the executive producer. He always saw. The show is different comeback. you know. He wasn't without talent but his if use i don't know how many people remember chico and the man probably yeah ten percent already and the courtship of eddie's father before well those were comex shows i was back in charge doing what he thought was funny and He didn't understand my concept of welcome. Back kotter was four guys who are different ethnic backgrounds of the best of friends. And they're funny. They're underachievers and the teacher tries to help them adjust in life and become something and he just always went for Something different than what. I thought was funny. So we had conflicts and by the fourth year. I always thought that It was really strange because some of the dogs were like in the twenties when we started filming and our thirty right and they still wanted to do the same thing. And i said you know. It's it just doesn't work anymore. It's it's getting to look really strange. And so we reached an agreement that i would do like four five shows the last year and then komax had his way and high gupta writers who agreed with what his concepts were and did his version. Welcome back kotter in the fourth year. Did gloria swanson audition for connor or is that bullshit. I found out on the web. I would say that's bullshit. I just show you how unreliable i am. The is she the audition before one man was changed to a male the principle this there was it was always a male. Okay so there you go and danette bs. How did they explain. Why qatar wasn't around anymore. They explained it in the komax way. Not really an explanation. I was sick. I was i was. I didn't watch many of the shows in the last year but there was no real explanation. Just that i was out of town. Doing something and masha was in teaching. All of a sudden. The teacher's wife is a teacher. They had other guests. Delleri showed up. Della reese was a teacher for a while. so it's sorta didn't make any sense but comeback out what he wanted. He was in charge. Well you had a vision for adapting to the times and you just ran into that old network the network laziness. They didn't want to change horses. They wanted to keep flogging it. Yeah i thought it would be great if kata gets a job at a junior college. Yeah and then the first day who shows up you know they're they're they are. They graduated now there in his class. There or you change some of the guys you know couple are out and then maybe they have a couple of guests appearances once or twice a year but you get a couple of new kids who really look like. They're in high school but they wouldn't go for that at the time I i always thought it was funny. I used to watch these. Show the bowery boys all on tv. And i thought okay these are supposed to be some. Troubled sim troublesome juvenile delinquent boys. And they were all like you know had like a drunken lines in her face right like ball being and pot belly. Yeah they always always stay too long at the fair guild. Did you wanna try your Your qatar s jokes on gabe is gonna do any. I'll think i'm okay. Did i ever tell you about my aunt edna. Godfried walk into a dentist office. Took off all of her clothes and spread her legs wide open. That dish said. I think you have the wrong room. And edna said you put it in my husband's teeth last week now. I have to remove them. Says conner after dark. Did i tell you. My young coach stanley godfrey on gold stanley and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After about fifteen minutes on gold stanley gets up and says damn. I wish i had a flashlight. The woman judge me to you've been eating grasp the past or or isn't he tell you my hand lorraine god for you know you never did kill lorraine walk zada shower wings at her boyfriend and says honey i shaved myself down there what that means and the boyfriend says yeah it means the drain is clogged again off. Right dal you about uncle leo. Godfried ongo leo. Zora lady with big breasts. He adds. excuse me. Can i buy. Jim brass for two thousand dollars. She agrees they go to a secluded corner. G opens up blouse. The man puts his face in our brass but ten minutes. I'll eventually the lady says. Aren't you gonna bite them each not expensive. We could stop you there. How gave those would have been great on qatar. maybe censor them might have to clean it up chamois. No game still owns the qatar franchise skill. So so you could bring it back with all my guy. Welcome back gottfried. We own it me. Alan saxe co created. We we own it for everything but network television so for movies plays. They didn't pay a certain price that they had to pay. So they wanna brothers owns it for network. Tv so gilbert do it and one of our guests on the podcast. Was john sebastian. Yeah sure yeah great. Yes song now. That was that was interesting because they were. They were looking for theme song. And i came over the concept. Let's get these acts that were really big few years ago to write songs on spec and we'll see if we get anything good and johnson bash one of them and dion. Dr belmont sherm up with a great song to a really great song. I was really close between the two songs. The original title was qatar and then they changed it right before they had the first.

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