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Rider. And even in BSB at you're still in amongst other riders who you know because they make. You've sort of grown up with them, really. And it can, for some people, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there's lots of different levels of people professionalism and lots of different ages and you can definitely see, even if you're just a spectator, walking around the paddock, you can see who's already acting like a lot. You know, a mini Grand Prix star and you've got to have that mindset if you want to be successful and actually go into GP as well. This is where it starts, it starts at the British talent club level, really, that's you get the professional training at every round and the actual door, ride a coach and this year the MS VR rider coach, coaching all of the riders in the R&D talent cup, which is probably why it's always one of the cleanest fights on track during any BSB event. Yeah, the British town got special at the front. It's always clean battle and even if it's a mistake does come, the Raiders are superficial about that. One is that does come to main for me because I was at circa was at North Carolina last year whenever there was that incident silverman C and the belief, I can't remember the other Belfast. Crashed at the hairpin and they go up and they were so fashionable about these, I believe they gave each other a cousin a lot actually afterwards. So well, not instantly, but eventually. Once the heat cooled down, they realized, you know, it's just a race to then and give each other a cuddle and everything was good. These guys at such a young age have such a great outlook and mindset on race and then I think that is down to like you said dorna and MS VR and just even the teams and the family that have been brought up with and just the way that you'll look on the race and some of them treat it so professional and realize that further British town cup, it can become a job and it can become a career. Depot, yeah, so stay in school kids. Keep at it. Right, so moving on. We've not got long left. So moto America and the Daytona happened at the weekend, you were all over it. What happened? Yeah, well, frankly, it was a crazier race. It was a win that was separated by 800s of a second at the line after 57 laps of running around Daytona. So yeah, it was hugely impressive. There was some controversy, I think it's fair to say throughout the race of race was won by Josh herron. Who strong on the V two has teammate shabby forest, which is becoming quite well, it's quite a well-known name across all mobile racing. He sadly retired just a couple of laps in. But Josh Sharon race one from the tuna 200 veteran Josh Hayes by 800s of a second. Now, if you see any pictures, you will see Brandon Brandon pash on the triumph. Side by side with Hayes and they actually tied on time. But on the order of passion was demoted down to 11th possession at the line because, well, he spared them pet lane and they got a 15 second penalty so that really ruined this race in such a close race because the race was red flagged due to an incident, practically on oblique visually four laps to go in the race. And the race was red flag. It was restarted for a tale lap race. Which was 6 months more than what was left originally. So some rangers were pretty confused about that but American ways doing things. Apparently, it was in the rules. And it was also in the roles that it would be a new race. So everything from computers from would be scrapped. So Cameron Peter said, who is our full-time automaker? He was one lap down. And he finished on the podium. Because when it got me the new race, he got given that a lot back. Everyone wins. Well, if almost everyone was because whenever most America get rid of the laps and make it a new race, the only thing that does carry over as time penalties. Well, that was the controversy that was involved in that brand that's why Brandon pash I don't think is too happy. I've seen quite a few social media posts from saying that you messed out in $20,000 at the weekend. So I'd be the only thing that's carried over a time period, which I don't understand why, to be honest, if everything gets given back, even laps from writers because Blake Davis, he was a lot down and, well, he was bottled with the group at the end of the race. Once got given that back. Yeah, if you get this, if you're going to give an advantage and ignore the rider's disadvantage that they had, whether it was an impending penalty or the fact that there were ten laps down or whatever. And then just do a fresh sort of BSB wipe. The clay, the slight clean, everyone starts from zero, and this is a fresh race, then that's what you do. But that is what you do. And it can overshadow the race and then get spared to say at some points because the thing I don't understand, I still don't understand as T carbs on the M4 X star Suzuki. He was the cause of the red flag. He was involved in he wasn't the cause he was involved in the crash which brought the red flag, gives him the number right there. And the race was read fight, and he wrote the bike back to the pets. And then he wasn't able to take the restart because he calls the red flag, right? The repair that he got back out for this new race. But yeah, it's okay to retain pal is so I really don't understand that one. He was the cause of red flag. I would say. And the London to take the restart. So yeah, it's a bit confusing. The person that helped Josh Heron, who meets contact with riches go anti. He was battle for the race lead throughout the whole, I guess you would say first race. First half of the race. Until contact was made between the two of them, a term one and race direction team that it was here and who was at fault in that. And so you got, well, it took them around ten blocks to be honest to try and make a decision on it because it was such a strange concept because it was kind of just two lanes of Mars into one guess you could say, but escalante can set up. So it was really difficult to make any kind of call on that from the race direction, but it took that long that they made the decision under the red flag. And he got given us sex play apparently for the restart, which didn't really bother him because he was still in the league group and he still won the race. So if that red flag came out, maybe the would have been different. We'll never know. But yeah, there was quite a lot of controversy sparking it. But at the end of the day, the ten lot restart gave us sex riders within half a second at the white. So yeah, I was pleased with the final ten laps to be honest. It was a great race. Parents said, this is a quote from him on a website. He said,

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