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Well let's kind of go like loosely matched by match over the pay per view in which thoughts your grades or whatever were but so what was the word on the street just as far as the vibe in the building at this event this is a really puzzling bill really puzzling match and a somewhat puzzling event i think people i add high expectations going into it in my preview podcast i did i was like this really good show on paper i don't think it can go wrong and i thought it went wrong it wasn't like i mean i think it was too long and the opener was seth and ms great we'll talk about that and there were some other good moments but this mean event it it started around the time the paper use normally end there on the east coast in new jersey and the match what eighteen minutes and it's it off red hot and then it just settled down into something resembling like mid nineties how show match in the middle of the card in terms of kind of the pace and the fans and i got i mean there's little video clips online of this fans are getting up and walking out there was a chant there was a chance of beat the traffic going on in your main event with samoa freaking joe against raines who could tear down the house and and fans were i mean there's video that people pan the whole lower bowl and there was a steady stream of people leaving during the match people were mad they were mad about the aj nakimora finish they were mad at a non title roman reigns maj was headlining just it's that kind of crowd in that building especially so yeah it was an ordinary crowd and i'm not quite sure the strategy that was.

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