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Forty two degrees in downtown LA at the moment forty four in Santa Ana and thirty seven in Clermont it's KCRW this is morning edition from NPR news I'm Rachel Martin and I'm Steve Inskeep how exactly did federal authorities trick foreign students with a fake university the details may decide what you think of the university of Farmington the department of homeland security created an advertise this bogus school in Michigan when foreign students applied there to get US visas DHS then arrested students and has deported most of them is this legitimate or entrapment Neeraj Warrick who's been covering the story for the Detroit Free Press good morning good morning Steve why the DHS do this at all well view terrace is concerned about what they see as abuse of the student visa program prosecutors while the sentencing memo in Detroit recently which said that there's a potential for abuse and that was where the contacts for why they created this under cover operations starting in about two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen okay first I should know you said two thousand fifteen or sixteen so this goes back to the Obama administration president trump has its own immigration policies but this is not necessarily part of that it came from before right likely they started this when president Obama was an office correct now then the question is should the students have known better I mean this university is set up it's got a building it's got a website its advertising it's taking tuition was there some some something that would make it obvious to the students that they were committing some kind of fraud well if you look at the website to their Facebook page you did look legitimate because they listed themselves on the government website itself as being okay nettles when you make the decision whether it's legitimate now prosecutors argue though that when the students saw that there were no physical classes meeting on site classes bijur realized it was not a ledger university but in their defense the attorneys for them are saying that in some cases the students did alert the universe in CA where the classes I thought they were gonna be classes and then some of them even transferred how old but even those who knows are now in legal trouble so some of those have gotten arrested and are losing their immigration status even students who realized it was bogus and tried to go to another school could still be deported exactly yeah that's the problem that day even those who had left the university their legal status is no longer valid now because they were enrolled at the university even if they are there for just one or two months so some of the world there for short period and then said you know something about this doesn't look right there's no I can't find the classes someone or going to the site in the Detroit suburb saying a you know where's the classes and they kept getting the run around from university which of course was staffed by undercover agents do they I mean is there reason to believe that there are just thousands and thousands of people around the world looking for a fake university opportunity in the United States to get a visa well you know there are some you know obviously problematic universities on his diploma mills you know that's been a problem in academia for years but in in some of those other cases you know the government will either shut them down or sanctioned them more there are some ways to you know take away their accreditation in this case we just created a whole entire freak university which is I think what concerns people the other thing is also they arrested them you know if they had just set now shut down university in maybe sanction them seven one thing but to arrest and tension centers of some of the more house with you know just sort of violent criminals and was dramatic for a lot of the students many of them who do not have any criminal record yes and most of them of course have left the United States either voluntarily or now face deportation proceedings missed work thank you very much thank you Steve Neeraj work is been covering the story of the fake university of Farmington for the Detroit Free Press in now it's time FOR StoryCorps ten years ago sandy Baker left her troubled marriage scrape together what money she could and checked into a motel with her teenage daughter Ashley they were homeless for.

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