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But yeah, cool. Right that right. The way he's doing call outs in shit so top-five garner. That's weird. It is because there's only like a couple of guys who I look at it. Like it raises the guy like he's the next guy in a division. Everybody else is just kind of hanging around. I feel like Anthony Smith is going to get pushed into a title fight. And if he ends up fighting John Jones is gonna get murdered. So like I feel like like I like Anthony Smith, but the rate is better chance than Smith is what you're saying. Oh, absolutely doubted gray is is got all the tools like Anthony Smith has actually striker. But I feel like somebody like John Jones gets them on the ground. It's over. He has no idea what to do so ethics. We he's had a great run kind of like how ill Latifi had a great run and they'd just get halted. So I think it's smart if the US wants to put them in a title fight now to do that. But the rest of the division is shaking. Excel. Call us Condit versus Michael key. Esa fight in the first round second round kiss a quick submission here. And I mean, the only thing I took away from this fight is how the hell do Michael hokey lightweight. He was huge at welterweight yet, collectible fine fine. But I mean, Doug, he he cut fifteen pounds off of that frame. Like, he was huge. He looked huge against conduct. And again, this is why we need one hundred sixty five pounds at one hundred seventy five pounds. Yes,.

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