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Lash jamie's for any business right. Yeah getting we talked about earlier just the strategy behind it right. Is it to build your business or is it to make money again for me. It's brand deals in that kind of thing but if you're a business again the lawyer the accountant the the plumber like that that story all the time. This is crazy the fact that it's just being an expert at what you do in telling people that you know. This is what i do in helping them because a lot of times people don't want to do what you do they'll watch the video because you talk about it and they go. You know i'd rather hire you really wanna do it right. I gotta say the one thing about something like everyone really every business should be doing some form of live streaming whether it is on amazon for example or you know if you're just like streaming out to like youtube channel i know you and i we talked about the top. The plumber example. For example person comes to mind. Roger wakefield were basically started making videos about his whole. You know plumbing process. And then he goes live. I think he only goes once a week but he here's the thing. His strategy is prerecorded video and then he does a livestream like once. He doesn't live stream for example doing plumbing job or something like that rate because he wants to give you a very focused answer to something so for example he's gonna livestream for he was going to live stream like how to sneak a drain for example. Then like that's going to be a weird process right. He's got to have a camera crew with them all. That's where stuff instead. He has camera that probably some of that stuff and then he can bring that in as very focused prerecorded video because he knows that his audience is going to want to you know. Listen and watch that on their own time right but then he does the live streaming for a so. Then how can let's just think about how he could. Actually we've amazon's that. So roger free vice here by the way so what you could probably do here. Is he could. For example on his on his weekly show he could do a live stream out to amazon and have various products for example around his set and then he could be like. Hey guys you know if you're interested in when he has sneaker drain here are two different types of serta different Tools that he uses. Here's this here's this one. And then he could have that streaming amazon and have those products recommended in essentially a carousel. That shows up on the bottom. So he doesn't have so in this case you don't have to live stream the whole time. You just have to be selective about what you are pushing to amazon because they do want that shopping aspect rate if they want you to be talking about this show for example.

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