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So joe biden's reported nominee for this very important post in the doj holds a ton of extremely racist ugly views similar us being held. Apparently by joe biden's choice for deputy educa- education secretary so joe biden announced that he wanted to pick The san diego unified school district. Superintendent cindy martin for deputy secretary of education deputy secretary of education. What what does the education department even do. I guess not all they don't. They're not empowered to do all that much by law or there's obviously doesn't appear anywhere in the constitution but they do have quite a lot of power to craft the direction of curriculum the united states. One way they do. This is through things like dear colleague. Letters look basically strong recommendations from the federal government that you know if you wanna keep getting your money if you wanna keep getting all these goodies from the federal government. You have to do what we want you to do. On various sort of social engineering policies of the famous dear colleague letter from the obama administration had to do with transgender ideology will hear this person who biden wants for deputy education secretary l. holds very racist views. She's a white lady but she holds these very sort of What do you call it. i guess black racialist views the same kinds of things that we have just been talking about so she believes that schools quote spirit murder black children and wh- white teachers should should undergo quote anti-racist therapy anti-racist therapy so you've got now the announced biden pick for deputy education secretary calling for the reprogramming only of white teachers who are not anti-racist enough meaning a they could be not racist but that's not enough you've got to be antiracist meaning you've got to be racist and the teachers are are not Focused enough on how terrible the scourge of white supremacy as an schools quote spirit murder black children river that means and so they've got to go to reeducation camps that's not even just being reported that has been announced moving over to the department of health and human services. I've got to be very careful with this one. Because i think we could all be censored for this and there were major calls right now for conservatives to be censored so i'm just going to present the facts. Okay and you tell me something. Seems a little strange. Joe biden has selected the pennsylvania health secretary. Dr rachel levine. To be assistant secretary of health and human services. Dr rachel levine that That was not his given name when he was born. A dr. rachel. Levine is a man who thinks that he's a woman He's being nominated to be the assistant secretary of health and human services a man who is under the impression that he is a woman in some deep metaphysical way that his true identity is a woman even though all of the characteristics that he has our man manly masculine He is now to be the assistant secretary of health and human services. Does that seem a little strange to you. That seems a little strange to me. I know i don't want to step out of line. I don't want to Seems a little strange doesn't it but it doesn't but it doesn't. It only seems strange to people with even a modicum of common sense left because we are back into the normal scope of this liberal political regime and the normal kinds of politics that we see here. That's normal compared to objective standards. That's not normal compared to historical norms back decades and decades but it is normal today and what is also about to be normal. I mean i've. I'm joking a little bit as i'm tiptoeing around this issue. What strange about this that. A man and address who believes himself to be a woman is assistant health secretary. I'm sort of joking. I tiptoe around it but there's a lot of truth to it. Which is that. We are now at a place. Where if you come out and say a man is not a woman and a woman is not a man and a man can't magically become a woman by wishing it so and putting address on you will face professional consequences for it. You will face social consequences for it. You can currently be kicked off of social media. If you do it in a specific way which i hope my elaborate choreography here has allowed me to walk around but you you cannot say that you feel as though you're the last sane person on earth when you scream to the wind and say a man is not a woman and a woman is not a man and there's actually such a thing as sexual difference but that that's over because now we're headed back into the biden administration. Which is it's the same thing as the obama administration which is just kind of the same thing as the establishment left by the way what you're going to hear specifically with regard to rachel levine's appointment you're going to hear that. Oh no this has nothing to do with him being a transgender person. This is just because he's so qualified and he's just the best pick for the job. I don't think that that is likely to be true. Here's why there is a quote from robin gonzalez. The victory institute which i suppose. Lgbtq sort of lobby says quote. I think there is a value and giving visibility to doctors like doctor levin who are kind of unique in their field. Not just because of their demographics and who they are but also because of their expertise. We also know that when people know. Lgbtq people it makes them more open to supporting our equality so he. He made three arguments here. He made three three reasons as to. Why rachel levine. Should get this job. It's good to give visibility to doctors like levin visibility. What does that mean means Because he's a man who thinks he's a woman not just because of their demographics but also because of their expertise. Okay so he's saying it's not just because he's transgender. It's because he.

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