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All they're gonna do is divide. Republicans and conservatives and make it harder for us to be effective. That's that's the lesson. I would learn from that one last question, John, we always appreciate the time. You're right. The democrats. Always always always circle the wagons. Even when the younger group of Democrats coming into the house weren't really fans of Mansi Pelosi. They shut up got in line in voted for. Why is that Republicans seem to be the ones that will do a shootout instead of circling the wagons? You guys are to be on the same side. What happens? That's another another great question. I think is we're we're more independent. I would say publicans and conservatives tend to be a for bottom up in terms of where the power and the influence comes from Democrats seem to be more top down. Yeah. And people do fall in line. It's amazing thing to watch. But it's just maybe one of the things that differentiates us, I don't mind independence as long as you guys are still in the same arena. I mean, the independent seems to be that we're going to go to the other side of the ok corral and shoot it. It's very strange to me, John. We always appreciate the hard work that you do in your fight to keep this this country safe. And I know it's going to continue for a while longer. I know I said last question, but do you have any any sort of an opinion as to win this is going to end, and we'll get something done. Well, tomorrow tell us a lot with with with the president says. Yeah, I think I think that'll help right now. I don't see any real indication that they that. The Democrats are serious about negotiating said this could be taken care of in an hour. Or less. It's not difficult. We do this sort of thing every day on difficult and contentious issues in congress because nobody gets one hundred percent of what they wanted in a democracy. But right now, they're just not the political will to engage in a finding solution. And that's why we are where we are. It is Senator John Cornyn Senator happy new year. We're so glad that you're in there fighting for us. Let's talk again soon. Thanks Joe back after this. And the Joe pags show. Stay right here. This is the Joe pags show. Well, most.

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