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By key bacon western union freethrow number one for wilson chandler that will mystical have one more plateau you what have mill sat back implausibly the two guys that have missed the games before the break forget about the starters earl it just makes your bench that much better it makes you so much deeper in in the west that's yuli who decides the game the team with a deeper benches usually decide the game playoff second free throws good nuggets have a 10point lead again they're big leave the night has been eleven rivers has atop the key td andrei jordan's george closer back over tobias harris harris guarded by millsap goes to the right hand alleyoop download george comes down with it and you foul him look good good way thereby wilson chandler very good play right there make a make free throws make him take it out on the basket take it out on the side no easy luck the navy ducks and deandre jordan sixty percent from a lie they're going to say he was not in the act of shooting gary hair's comes in wilson chandler comes out chandler 10 points four rebounds three assists rivers has it all the inbound he's inside the arc stutterstepped minute drive teardrops on away and that one is up it is a political you'll get a medal yo these didn't know whether it's thought the ball or protect against the alley down very has it over to yokich now largely back over yokich yokich chas it in the paint bad pass put wasn't on handled by mills south wasn't ready for it a turnover for denver williams has and up the left wing cross over move on gary here's runs down the lane layup is up in in time out denver four forty eight left to go in the first half nuggets have a sixpoint lead on the altitude radio network she the denver nuggets basketball runway wallet goal go over of the altitude radio network at key bank we believe financial wellness is all about taking small steps financial wellness means spending your money wisely and being aware of your spending key banks financial wellness.

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