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Lakers game hair it was the nightcap li. I gotta know right away. Did you stay up and watch it or did you catch this morning first half last night. Second half the saja. I've always into the season as well sure. I understand. well paul george. He scored a game high thirty. Three points quieted twenty. Six as the clippers won sixteen one zero nine victory over their bitter rivals. There in la over the lakers are trae guinness started though let's over-react you can either go on the quarter off the court wherever you want. What are you what are you got well. I think it's funny skates how you mentioned the bitter rivals between the lakers and the clippers. Because you know. We've seen now. Since paul george and kawhi. Leonard signed with the clippers. We've now seen three season debut games. Basically right Opening night last night bubble opening and opening night last season and we saw lakers clippers and every single one of them. Now we got letter quite leonard. Hasn't signed yet. Paul george long-term there. Anthony davis long-term laker lebron long-term laker. We're gonna be seeing lakers clippers on for the next five seasons and any restarts. We may be doing but is it. Is it as a rivalry because the lakers unveiled their championship battery last night. But they've got so many of them that they didn't even have to unveil their championship vander. They'll just saying hey. We're going to wait until the fans get here. You know what it's like celebrating championships. But since the fans can be the lakers had to do something very special so it's just one championship celebration but family ring. Night is an absolute keeper for me. This was so cool. Saying all the lakers family sending in their video messages to the players on the team congratulating them on last season's championship getting their gigantic rings. This year i love seeing markeith morris's daughter just screaming at the top of her lungs. I was like. Yep you're marquee morrison daughter violetta. Great family marcus. They're laying for the clippers. Videotaping his brother getting his ring. These guys got each other's backs. They got each other's back tattoos. I love it. Also great seeing jaanus wishing coast championship. Congratulations let's get more rings specifically me the one who want to have the rings. I thought that was great and lebron sons. I thought were also very to just the fact that they're like this guy's been the greatest since we've been watching basketball another championship. Perfect mix for them to be celebrating. A lebron lakers championship. Whatever it's like. If you're a really rich person i've been watching the marvel movies a lot. Lately i've been keeping track of tony stark's cars license plates changed. He just had one. That said stark twenty three. So i'm like he's got at least twenty three cars when you get to that many. You're like you can just send a picture of it. I'll show it to you when it come over. That's what the lakers are doing with their champions. You know what it looks like. Just say twenty twenty. It looks like the other sixteen. We've got the numbers. I don. I thought for a night. When the lakers weren't one hundred percent into the game there was a reason behind it and the ring ceremony. It was great. You know eventually fans are gonna be back in the building. But i i don't know i like seeing their families introduce them a lot more than i like. Seeing adam. Silver or even. Their teammates introduced because these their family members. The people who've been supporting him for their entire careers their entire lives right. Like it's got to be crazy. Gloria james to say yeah. I gave birth to lebron. I remember how hard it was when we were three years old now. This guy is winning his fourth championship for the most famous team in the nba. It was awesome to see and it was fun for everybody. Yeah i think you gotta give a little show to the phoenix suns for starting this whole thing right. Weren't they the i team in the bubble to come up with the family introductions for the squad and then we saw other teams doing another raptors did it and then yeah lakers take it next level. I'm with you. This is a keeper. It's like the guys faces. I'm about the players like they just all light up to like when they're seeing their adorable family for the most part congratulate daddy on the ring and stuff like that so good well if not all of them had kids as my brawny irwin rosie o. Brings it up Brawny not the happiest of kids little brownie just kind of like why am i doing. He didn't say anything but he just kind of slow. Bryce was even more areas like he. He's the one doing all the talking. All right congrats brunson's he sounded just like lebron. I thought it was just like kim. Zuri saved it for sure. Yeah but also having some kids from the. I promise school. There's cool yeah. I thought that was it was. It was so well done by the lakers. They've done a great job in a tough year in all their ceremonies that they've had and i thought last night try all i'd just knocked that out of the park was so well done. He's going to be very odd to go from that next year to. Maybe adam silver the civil here because it's not the same it doesn't have that same values that coming from their little kids screaming getting face on the big screen having a great time. Why can't you do both. Why can't you you have the videos. And then adam silver gives them each ring. I mean it's just it's really the same thing got him somewhere doesn't do much but what i was confused with. A lot of the guys took their rings. Put it on their ring finger. Oh.

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