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And it's mostly so that the fans can be involved in the performance but it's also it also contributes to the atmosphere of the overall concert Bulba went to a few concerts earlier this year and there was lots of clapping and noisemakers but It was like absolutely no screaming singing along or dancing or standing up Then this past weekend she got tickets to see the boy band stray kids So I just got to the venue And there's so much going on There's people taking pictures There's people running for freebies It's like a whole free for all And then there's people trying to buy slogans and stuff But other than that there's just a lot of fans excited Excited for merch and the music and one more thing Masks are still required but the screaming ban has been lifted and so cheering is back in Korea Living in the south city that's a go to monster ball she got a hot in Tampa it's all things considered on 90.1 WWE good afternoon I'm Jim burris the pandemic has caused many restaurant owners to rethink how they use technology to serve their customers Press that's always the challenge between technology and hospitality is making sure we're incorporated to make it a better experience for the guests If it's less interactive it still has to feel warm and friendly Ahead on WAB.

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