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Lebron, James, Derrick discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


A week cleveland roster as why lebron will leave king james is the one that assembled this crappy roster and we brought that up many times he wanted love he fired the coach etc this is the reason why players look worse with lebron than they did playing before him hashtag hero ball well i did get derrick rose derrick rose banged up derrick rose kevin love was great in minnesota but those were meaningless numbers they didn't even make the playoffs when he was there delayed was coming in at the end of his career so i you know this whole lebron doesn't make you better does he make kyle korver better yes does he make tristan thompson better yeah he does jr smith i don't think you should be in the league the problem is do they hold up their end of the bargain how many of those guys helps lebron win a game in how many of them hurt that opportunity for him to win a game so i i know that we i'm going to defend lebron i don't defend everything with lebron but most of lebron i'm going to defend and does he help bring in players yes michael jordan did too and you know what he didn't he had a jerry krause who rescued him because michael was terrible at bringing in players he's even had problems as an owner bringing in players but jerry krause brought in the right players in that help jordan win those championships lebron has gotten in the way of this absolutely and there's nobody there like you had in chicago there's no leader phil jackson and there's no mastermind like jerry krause there and yet a brilliant owner jerry reinsdorf so if i have all of that in place you know michael then trusted other people and lebron doesn't trust any of those people he doesn't trust the owner the gm is new and tie.

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Lebron, James, Derrick discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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