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Quarterback is toast. You know what a lot of reaction a mountain of reaction of what we've done in the first half the program, So let me do some of that before we talk about the boxer is toast. Pose. Squirrel, too, is in quote The Jets looking good in the preseason does matter. Yours. The Oh, a Detroit lions, who went for it on the pre season and then went oh, in 16 in the regular season. Scabs. The typical Johnny Scabs. Contribution. Quote Zack look great out there still can't believe he didn't win a title at Bayside High. War Tiffani Amber season. Good one scabs. Notice. I'm not laughing. Heads from bacon. Says My alleged attendance at that massage parlor in Florida was simply a quote, misunderstanding. Signed Bob Craft, not Croft. Croft, not craft. Oh, Rome. I haven't seen a Croft. Move like that since Bob left the massage parlor Chad in Orlando. Again, Chad. It's not craft. It's Croft. Any others want to make that stupid joke? You're Jimmy. I misunderstood the protocols side Eldrick, explaining why he did not pick up the tab for those Navy seals. That's fair. I'll allow that. That's private. This guy sitting around the table with a bunch of Navy seals and then asking for separate checks. You're one of the richest athletes ever when they let you into their house, something they do not do. They trained you something they do not do. They let you use their ammo. Something they do not do. I don't know, Dude. Maybe you pick up that check. How much could it have been? For you and four or five other Navy seals for lunch. Mhm. Tigers, probably like Yeah, but those guys got lemonade. I just had water. One of them order dessert. I didn't They got apps. I didn't At would laconic quote. Sure, Mitchell Robiskie was excited to be out there, but not as excited as I was. When I was pitching. I really loved the pitch. Signed Greg Maddux war Mark Grace, Don't you just do that man? Just drag grace back into the proceedings. It has been like 20 years, remember? Oh, man, I hate to do this, but I love Greg salted. Anyway. He was He was fidgeting around on the mountain. He was acting like he had pulled his groin. So I was like, Oh, my God hears our bread and butter are so young when I was Oh, my God. Greg, what happened? What happened? He says Gracie stand there. And I said, What are you talking about? He said. He said, Well, you just stand right in front of me. I said Why? He said. Well, in lack of a better like I'm a better Term. He was He was kind of aroused on the mound. He he wasn't kind of arousing. It was extremely aroused. And, uh, I just went well, I'm the wrong guy to tell that you know. So I start busting a gut right on the mound. I just looked at said Dude, you love the pitch, don't you? And Grace says some amazing lines back in the day, didn't he? He's like Grace is all man are Hall of Fame pitcher. Something happened. He must have shredded a groin or something. Wow, I better go over and check on him. Yo, yo, Greg, You all right? I'm fine. Just stand in front of me. Jamie and Green Bay. We already knew Travis Key wasn't the main problem. Nagging makes horrible play cause and replacing troops. Whiskey. With Dalton shows that pace doesn't know what he's doing either. Trump saying, What if the problem is not Robiskie? After seeing what he did to them over the weekend, and I'm saying again, I know it's an exhibition game. And I'm not in any way taking back or negating what I've said about Mitchell over the years. I'm just posing the question. My man look like Terry Bradshaw out there. Bradshaw, Marino, Montana and part star rolled into one. What if he's not the problem? Dear Jimmy. I miss understood the protocols side Count Chocula. Pleading for your forgiveness after saying it's Monday when you asked him how he was doing this morning..

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