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To be spending as much time with the person who eventually wins as we would get into normal main game. It would make a lot of sense for me that the person who wins this season is going to be the person who reenters the game at the start of the finale. Yeah, this is a really interesting point. I don't see Rick Devon's losing in the final three. But what if Rick Devon's goes out before then, and then it some sort of extinction person is sitting there in the final two with pick two with these people? And I feel like that. Then think that maybe you could wrap your head around that the edge of extinction person winning as opposed to looking at somebody else from the field who still in the game. It's like what how could how could Gavin not win. How could Lauren no win? They've. Look at all they've done. Right. Right. And I think that in some cases, there would be some narrative justification for some of it. There was such an emphasis on returning players throughout so much of the season. And they're sort of built in understanding or maybe an assumption of built and understanding between the audience and those players who we have invested multiple seasons of emotion and investment in like Aubrey Kelly David Joe that we know those people so that if one of them were to come back in you wouldn't be scrambling to to really catch up to what that person's story is and what it means for that person to come back. And for me like we talked a lot along the way of like how does a returning player possibly win this season? But if a returning player overcame the odds of getting dunked on by the new players, then surviving hacking it out on the edge of extinction coming back in and then improbably beating their way to the top. I think with a jury that's going to consist of. You know, the vast majority of them will be people who have spent time out on the edge of extinction. That person stands a really good shot at winning. So I feel like I would be you know, if any one of the four returning players were to come back in at the start of the finale, I would be looking at them to be the front runner to win just narrative for me at that point. And then I think that the other person who has had a lot of screen time throughout the season has been remake it is really honed doing the rim daily win. But there has been so much regime that the dream could come true, and we could see the first one remaining high might be ream ING, I may be getting played. We're we're talking about you know, as we're as we're recording. This just a couple of days before the the winner is revealed. So why not live in the dream while we still can before we live in the knowing and she is somebody who has been who has been prominently featured throughout the season. So that is somebody who I would not be mad at and feel like cheated from the story level that that person. Let's live in that world for as I never get. We often live in that world here on this. Like living that world where we are remain. Okay. In that world that I feel like it's almost like the opposite world where that in the world where Rick Devon's wins. I think that the for lack of a better term, the casual audience loves this outcome. I've talked about this going survivor Facebook page people are a loving Rick Devon's as your dunking on everybody. He's the only one playing their super high on Rick Devon's and super casual friends are big Rick, Devon. They'll they'll love it. And so it will really play with the, you know, the TV the TV audience. They're really loving Rick. Rick Devon's, and then, you know, the ver- very loud a group of people, which is numerically smaller. They are going to you know. Go nuts. Not not happy. Not going to love it. I feel like it's going to be the exact opposite of that. If Reema winds where Twitter is going to be going nuts best season ever. And I feel like the TV watching majority is going to be way out on this outcome..

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