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Hey check out. My you know Newest yoga studio livestream onstream yard. You know. I just want you to go my patriot or something. You know do a five dollars a month like they are much more inclined to do that because you have given them values since the beginning so they see you as someone. That's not wasting their time. They see someone that knows more knowledgeable and can actually speak to them. Understands who they are and what they struggle with. Because if you don't there's no way that you're gonna build Proper authority Because you're you're not gonna understand the sort of examples to us and you're not understand their situation what they're trying to do you know so there's no way they're going to trust you when it comes to their body their time their money. It's just it's never gonna happen like that. That's wonderful man. This great stuff man. I i appreciate everything this i like. I like the method. The pda method good was awesome. Very very thorough. I know there's no way that no no way that some people people who are going to be listening to this cannot get something out of that so creosote please tell people right now. How they can get to get a hold of you after the show sure of course So website is www dot copy identity dot com The most active players that were on our on facebook and instagram and that's like facebook dot com ports Copy identity instagramcom for slash copy identity And just generally if you have questions concerns thoughts Or he just want to say that You disagree about something you want to bring to my attention. You can feel free to do some always happy to have a lively debate on some of these things because you know it's it's marketing and it can be difficult for people to understand exactly what i mean when i come up with some examples so if you have questions in general You can message us at team at copy. Identity dot com either. My wife or myself can Can message back or if you want to speak to me directly totally okay..

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