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Because we've seen to one run games that went in opposite directions and it all has come down to the brewers bullpen being bed, but also good hitting guess the brewers hitters. Burs pitchers are good, but not as good at pitching as we thought other than Wade. Miley. Anyway, it's been. A weird one. I think the the Brandon would drift Homer of Clayton Kershaw. One of the more improbable events that we've ever seen sort of set the tone for the series and the brewers bullpen has been porous, but wait, my Lee was amazing and the dodgers of head a whole lot of bench mechanisms, which I'm sure that we will discuss. I mean, the the most for most surprising thing has to be the brand of Woodrow film run. But apart from that, I really developed a new preciado for Wade Miley game too. I, it was surprising not only his more than anything else is to way performance. I think we have to start talking about Wade, Miley in the same tones verbiage, we used to describe Shohei Ohtani nowadays after after his performance on Saturday. But it was interesting to see it was, you know, I call it on Saturday, classic junk ballers performance because it was everything just a little bit faster slower, just a little bit off one direction or the other from where the hitters expected. It. Dave Roberts seem to think that that Matt Kemp was gonna really tee off on on Miley and Miley really had camp in particular under control. And a lot of those righties who you'd expect to to really have Miley number. It was just broken bad after broken-bat and soft ground balls and soft pop ups, and it was just really impressive to see him is stay one step ahead of the competition. So that's, I mean, that's a standout performance to the point where I can't. I can't believe they lost that game. Like it just feels unjust to have Wade Miley delivered that and then lose, you know, coming into the series, I would've said that this was really nightmare matchup for my because last year round this time I wrote an article about how the dodgers were Abed fit for Dallas kaikal because those Keiko's whole game is predicated on throwing pitches outside the strike zone and getting people to chase. And I looked at selective hitters who faced Keiko last year and they were great against it. Because they just didn't chase those pitches. They took them, they walked and against aggressive guys. He tends to be really good. Wade Miley is exactly the same sort of pitcher that that was cool is. So in theory, the ultra selective dodgers who had the lowest chase rate in the majors this year should have just been able to wait him out and kind of diffuse the approach that works well for him. But exactly the opposite happened. So I guess I can just copy and paste my kaikal article into a new article on our site if we end up with another Astros dodger series, but that just shows you how much I know it's kind of an extension of majlis whole season. We can't imagine we've talked about him on this podcast before, but in eighty two innings, he had a two point, five, seven era. I'm gonna run down the leaderboard among pitchers with at least eighty innings this year as a starter. Starting at number six. You go, Trevor Bauer, Aaron, Nola, Justin Verlander max Scherzer Wade, Miley Walker bueller. Clayton Kershaw is Wade Miley anywhere. Near as good as any of those pitchers. Of course not, but he's been succeeding the whole season this after two consecutive years with an ERA over five. So I at MIT, I haven't watched too many of his starts, but when I have it's been kind of the smoke and mirrors performance where you keep expecting not to last, but we're running out of time in it's maintained thus far as so what's interesting about majlis performs this year's oppose the years passes. He's developed the the cutter and something through more than forty percent of the time this year after hardly throwing it at all. And maybe that's just the thing that allowed everything that click. You know, it's just one extra weapon to to use against opposite handed batters to keep hitters guessing..

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