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For his Joe Michaels joins us live now in studio tell us firefighters have since gotten a handle on the flames Steve plumes of black smoke rising into the air with the reason for concern and phone calls to the KFBK newsroom are you aware of the huge fire in Rockland at the corner of sunset in Cincinnati your thunder valley we were and more importantly so we're firefighters cal flares merry Eldridge says that's a good thing the potential rate of spread with dangerous with the wind on these flames today initially when resources arrive they thought the potential was two to three acres quickly that potential routed twenty to twenty five and then forty five to fifty what's being called the foothill fire eventually grew to three hundred fifty five acres near Cincinnati Avenue and foothills Boulevard before firefighters were able to stop its forward progress the flames are no longer a threat to any buildings but officials haven't yet confirmed whether any have been damaged as of last official report crews have the fire at least thirty percent contained we're now hearing reports that about it it's up to fifty we'll look into that let you know it's six thirty Mike all right thank you Joe northern California storage company is paying a fine of a hundred forty thousand dollars for price gouging after the twenty seventeen wildfires the cinema county district attorney's office has PS orange co raise prices beyond the ten percent allowed under state law during a declared state of emergency although it's not clear how far beyond prosecutors and napa Solano county is joined in the investigation in a news release the ideal Ravitch says the case is part of an ongoing effort to prosecute price gouging after the devastating wildfires in addition to the find the self storage company has issued a full refund plus an extra ten percent courtesy credit for Annika Carter news ninety three point one KFBK Manisha weather service's warning travelers about a significant winter storm heading for northern California this weekend it's gonna last through the holiday weekend meteorologist air Kurt says those who plan to travel for thanksgiving this week should constantly monitor the daily forecasts they want to get weather going safely certainly a significant winter storm event they could impact holiday travel pretty substantially so if people are planning to travel for the holidays anytime from Tuesday afternoon on through Friday I certainly closely monitored forecasts and see how things develop and as we move closer to the thanksgiving holiday card says the winter storm could build momentum or perhaps slowly dissipating become less severe the transportation security administration expecting a record number of travelers this thanksgiving holiday probably the busiest holiday season we've ever seen an eighteen year history of the agency we expect to screen in the neighborhood of twenty seven million passengers TSA spokesperson Lisa farm Stein.

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