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Is we check in again with path high hopes for a jobs report We're going to see in less than an hour. Economists can hardly contain themselves because they expect to see Seven figure number when it comes to people going back to work. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal are forecasting that employers added one million jobs compared with a gain of 916,000 and March and project that the jobless rate ticked down to 5.8% from 6%. Even with another solid gain, the economy will still have millions of fewer jobs than it did before the pandemic. Hillary Bars Ski Box knew the head of one of the country's biggest banks has this description of President Biden's infrastructure and tax hike. Plan a little crazy Jamie Diamond, which JP Morgan Chase says corporate tax rates If they go up will hurt the economy, He says. The government needs to be more specific. Also on Hominy miles of high we're going to be built. How many bridges repaired etcetera Bitcoin, another crypto currencies are all the rage right now, but a growing number of market professionals say they're dangerous. In a new survey by the Federal Reserve about 20% of the brokerage firms and investors responding say crypto currencies are a potential threat to the existing financial system. The head of the SEC doesn't go quite that far. But in testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, SEC chairman Gary Against Lor hinted there could be a need for more regulation of crypto currencies like Bitcoin Right now, there's not a market regulator around these exchanges. And thus there's really not protection against broader manipulate. Many investors have piled into crypto currencies as their values have surged so far this year. Elizabeth holds the ABC NEWS Washington What a difference a year makes. When it comes to Mother's Day anyway, the National Retail Federation projects Americans will spend a collective $28 billion on mom this year. That's about a billion and a half dollars more than last year, when coronavirus lockdowns kept so many people at home average spending on Mother's Day gift this year. $220.48 Mother's Day is Sunday. That's right. This Sunday is in two days from now. Next money update coming up in 6 12 that watered K awaiting radio. That's right. Put it on your calendar. Folks. Don't forget Mom. 5 44 time for sports. Now, as the Rockies BK are going to see a familiar face when they get to ST Louis. They know it or not it with two birds on his jersey across the diamond takes some getting used to for Iraqis, players and fans alike. But they're faced with that reality. Tonight in ST Louis, is Iraq's open up a three game series with the Cardinals. Those 18 wins or tied for the most of the National League. Popular Charlie Blackmon played with No one for all eight seasons are not a was Iraqi and talk during spring training about what things will be like with the future Hall of Famer in another clubhouse. Anytime you take a great baseball player off of a team, you're going to lose some, whatever that production is, and him being a good player. We're gonna lose some production. Now I'm thinking, okay, well, you know, how do we move forward in the wake of his absence? And and and that's the part that doesn't scare me as much as it did initially, when it first happened. You know, when I look around, I see You know the town in the locker room? Who's going to replace him and what it means for our team like I think we I think we still have a good team. We have lots of talent. Rocks have their hands full tonight in Game one. Jack Flaherty looks to go on MLB six. You know, as a starting pitcher for the Birds Austin bomber who came over his part of the Arnada trades on the hill for Colorado. First pitch 6 15, our pre game coverage on cable news, radio and screaming free of charge and I Heart radio starts at 5 30 yesterday and Big Alan Judd Rose show New Nuggets guard Austin Rivers stopped by Fresh off a 25 performance. His best is joining the squad last month and said it's been nice playing with the Joker and being part of such a good team. You know, besides the obvious of us having you know the M V P F 14. Probably We have a great coach. We had talented players around him. You know, even though we've had losses, this'll year, huge ones. You know, we have really talented players that know how to play with each other and our teams based on a lot of ball movement and playing around the big fella and we defend. We communicate well and Everybody kind of has an idea what they're supposed to do and be and you plant the first place Jazz tonight and you talk to seven o'clock tip off the avalanche of close out their regular season playing for their final five against the King's first tour in L. A Tonight Tomorrow at Staples Center. Tonight, they'll drop the pocket eight o'clock that's sports and bring in crystal and killing his radio on the Broncos buffs and Rocky's Daily News. Pretty good time 5 46 our top story. State health officials have identified the first cases of the covered 19 variant, first identified in India. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says Colorado's kids are showing the highest rate case rates for covered 19, or highest rate of disease transmission is among 11 to 17 year olds. So that represents middle school and high school students in the state. That next highest rate is among those over the age of 18 with a relatively flat trend, and the doctor says those ages 11 to 17 are driving many of Colorado's ladies covert 19 cases. You see, help now, allowing walk in vaccinations that it administrative center on Pikes Peak ABS. That's for anybody. 16 years and older 16 and 17 year olds are asked to bring a parent or have a parental consent form signed the clinics held from seven a.m. 2 30 P. M. Most days the former ambassador to Mexico under President Trump, Christopher Lando says the U. S needs to look in the mirror when it comes to stopping its current surge in illegal immigration till we get serious about making it more painful for employers to hire people illegally. We're always gonna have a migration crisis at the same time, he says. We also need to make it easier for people to come here. Lee Really to work, and that includes expanding visas. A case regarding payments to women from former President Donald Trump is being tossed out. The Federal Election Commission officially dropped the investigation into whether Trump illegally made large payments to women. Head of the 2016 election. One of the payments was too adult film actress Stormy Daniels the F. He said The case was dismissed because Cohen that's his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Had already faced legal punishment for the matter, and further investigation was not necessary. Senator Lindsey Graham says the Republican Party cannot move forward without Donald Trump. He made those comments in an interview with Fox News. He was criticizing Republican congressman Liz Cheney, who wrote an op ed saying that they should steer away from any anti Democratic trump cult of personality. Graham disagrees, stating she's decided the Republican Party can grow with Trump. I've determined we can't grow without him. Coming up is the GOP at some sort of inflection point is list training right in saying Republicans must either choose between truth or trump. We'll talk about it next on a live interview as we go live to DC at 5 54, but first traffic every 10 minutes. John Morrissey house Friday morning drive. It looks marvelous matter of fact, if you were single, you might want thinking about marrying it..

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