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To be worthy of that. And so that i think you know to me is one of the ways in which discipline comes into your every day. I should write every day. No i'm gonna say like this. There are very few days. I would say that. Go by where. I don't write something. There are many days that go by where i feel like. I haven't written anything that i really like or that. You know genuinely productive. But i do right most days there most days of the week. I'll get some kind of writing done. But i'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna let you know. I have my days where for whatever reason it's just not right and typically to be honest with you. That's a day when if it's if it's really like that you know i'm somebody who you're. Writing is at the core in the center of my life right. It's in in that. You know by the way right like i said writings always also reading so when i say right i'm also always read it right but it's not the only thing you know that i do like i love basketball. I love music and so on a. If if i'm having a bad writing there. And i feel that i i listen records man. You know i'm you know. I'll i'll put it on a record and listen to a whole record. I love to listen to music. And if it's not a good writing day maybe it's a day for taking in you know taking some music. Maybe it's a day or know trying Go learn about some something. I don't know about or discover some or maybe you know just go outside you know interests like soak up some sun or or watch a basketball game. You know what i mean and just like being you know being touched with that for a minute so i don't i don't i don't force it again. It's about rhythm. I don't wanna lose the rhythm of writing and so i need to. You know i would say almost every day though you know. I do eventually get to some writing. That's important. I try every day. I wish i had the best i can offer. I'd sundays some days. It just doesn't work. Life gets in the way as as you know. They've got another life. Sometimes it's gets away and the worst feeling is when you're motivated to write in campaign in the next day you have plenty of time and opportunity in the spirit a move in you so before we go. There is a game that i like to play with all of my guests. Don't you worry because this game brings me great job although it often tortures the guests. That's that's the best part. The game is called by barwick overt. I'm going to give you three books when you can buy when you can borrow. Were you gotta burn and not only tell me which one but you should tell me why you give. Your audience is a sense of why book number one playing in the dark whiteness and the literary imagination by tony mars book number two in the break the aesthetics of the black radical tradition in book number three just to make it easier. Data walker's appeal..

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