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I think is something that i try to stick with us it with me and my life and just in general is that you can control other people player their reactions economic right so i think being prepared to have that conversation making sure that you are emotionally prepared that you i physically you know just they you're in your body everything that you're going to present astounding and having the resources as well as the best way to do it you just want to go in his prepared as possible got it yeah i think there's some major tonight sounds like a million of stuff to even from the even from caregivers and a lot of time caregivers will be like i don't think so you know she's fine i think he's or that the thing that's really difficult here because you know when it really starts declining marian badly and can are the test pretty good like do they can can they kind of catch housley catcher early but due they are they pretty accurate you know i don't know what the percentage could be as far as how accurate they are i think we kind of skipped over a little bit of one of the question the rest of us if it's heredia teary so there is a team that has been identified that people that have it does increase you're like we couldn't get it but again it doesn't mean that you're going to get after here and that's why really more research needs to be done amounts by we need to government funding but we also need is this is kind of scary to people but we also need are people to participate and and clinical trials both people that have the disease people that don't have the disease people that have it disease that runs in the family and a lot of times people don't want to know if they you haven't the g and he is it the scary thing but with even if we have all the many in the world to do research unless we actually have people to get the research i'm going to help us with that part of it for kind of stopped as well you know so how how it if you wanted to help in that way said the same thing call the numbers they have whatever you we actually.

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