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Got three hundred forty four yards and a touchdown for bill bridge rivers and their defense took advantage of more dejount kaiser mistakes is the chargers move into a tie for first place in the afc west with a nineteen to ten victory over yes the still winless cleveland browns mark given ellie surgeon casey swoon would it be a surprise to you if the boats don't win the afc west than we're gonna get to another team in a few minutes that's also tied for first place but at the charges made a surprise you they don't come out of this with the crown of course they were my super bowl pick all right i knew they got out to a tough start but i saw this coming down the stretch the entire way so i'm not surprised at all they do look like of the contending teams these three six and six teams in the west the one that you'd want to not deal with if you were in opposing playoff team that they've got enough their imperfect in many ways yet they've got a lot of elements to the make them a real threat it starts with their pass rush but they piled up four hundred twenty nine yards on offense and they had scoring drives against cleveland who kinda kept this cleveland's defense it's maybe it's a very greg williams type of thing where you feel like they are keeping you in a game and they're playing a little bit above their heads you got a couple of good young players but they're also giving up four hundred and fifty yards and scoring drives a twelve eleven 10 10 in seventh place so they're not and then you know we don't really need to deal with cleveland's offense at this point but when you have keen and alan play in the way that he has over the last three weeks this guy has been on fire four hundred thirty six yards 33 catches and four touchdowns over the past three games justly earns a true very average the.

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