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Only tort Nick shove this weekend for the upset. Lovey, dude. I love the enthusiasm. All right. And then finally my upset alert special dolphins getting three at home over the lions. I love home underdogs in its Brock Tober. Baby. Brock Osweiler getting the start for Ryan tannehill. They can beat the trash asked lions and they're getting three points. Oh, yeah. Baby. Lock in Brock over style. Dolphins. I like them to win on the money line. Dolphins going to win that game. All right. We're going to get out of here. Thank you so much to a mean Alhassan. Thank you guy. Brian peacock lockdown forty Niners podcasts. Also, I hope you enjoyed that. Drew Bennett interview. I know I enjoyed doing. He's terrific, man. Albion forty Niners. Pre game Sunday. I'll be down at Aviva stadium working with earthquake Sunday, and I'll also be on dubs countdown to tip Sunday. So we doing a lot Sunday. I'm not doing anything tomorrow. So leave me the hell alone. Marcus. Thank you very much for all your efforts graph. I love you baby. Ryan Kobe reminding you as always. To just be good to each other. And have a terrific weekend. We'll talk to you Sunday on forty Niners pre-game nine AM from Levi stadium. Negative. Turn. Fremaux? As what you had as what tasting never done now. I. Give up hope dreams suckers. CNBC are tonight on sixty eight. Sports leader. Tolbert and Lund. What is Sean? You can take Tom's big tell you. I do not take my pig. Right. Do not take my big. I wouldn't take my look if you take our advice, that's unusual better. Is it look like we do this for a living? No, it doesn't really wouldn't be here. I'd be in Vegas if I could do for a living. I wouldn't be hanging with Brent. That'd be sitting at my sky box betting games. And all I would be doing Tolbert and Lund. Weekdays three to seven on six. Auburn invalid in.

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