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And the first thing that she said was she didn't think it would ever happen to her. She handed her daughter, the sparkler and her daughters stress caught on fire. Well, it is that quickly that it will burn. We did a demonstration the other day it was pouring rain out and the shirts still caught on fire with the sparkler. As I said, you must keep in mind as sparklers, burning it over 1800 degrees. Our that's pretty high heat. Um, so sparklers are not a benign thing that we think we can use and and as kids. I know I've seen that It's no longer that way. We found out they're harmful. We would never want to put our loved ones in harm's way. And it does do so by doing this. This is reset. I'm Sasha and Simon's, and we're talking about fireworks Safety with chief Wally Schroeder. He's head of the Chicago Fire Department's public education unit. Coming up later in the program will bring you recommendations for what to read this summer. So stay tuned for that. Now we have heard reports from Chicago residents of illness that they believe came from inhaling toxins from fireworks. Here's one of them. Let's listen to what David and Westridge had to say. I got arsenic poisonings last week, There were a lot of fireworks being set off and there were plumes of smoke. Half of the people on my block got Take that very same time. The whole family right across the alley for me all got sick. Some of the plumes are reputedly. According to what I read 10% arsenic. I got it a couple of days later from the big fireworks plume that went off directly behind our garage. My partner's 12 year old son almost got hit by the backfire from it family across the way, But 78 people were sitting there in bloom just saying, Wow, that was weird, and they all got sick. Chief. You mentioned pets earlier, But we've also heard accusations of domestic pets getting sick from fireworks, smoke or or residue. Is this possible it? Well, obviously, Absolutely. I would not want to second guess with this gentleman's commenting on her how he feels, Um, but absolutely I'm a can trigger certain things, Remember? We don't know. Um Where what was put into this? Where was it built? How was it built on the firework that was used and when you're talking is significant amount. What it almost sounds like he was describing, you know, the potential is obviously always there. And once again, it reverts back to the fact the safety we see how it affects our neighbors. Being that kind neighbor and being that thoughtful person. You can see how it affects everybody surrounding us. It's not only the danger of getting physically hurt. We're getting people sick from this. You know, we've We've just come out of this pandemic or starting to. I should say we want to be mindful. Um, well, let's be careful. We've seen how what things happen. We don't want to get anybody injured or sick from this. Well, what are the chemicals that can be found in fireworks? That should give us pause. You know, as he was saying, arsenic. There are many things, uh, that are obviously the gunpowder aspects of it for the explosive that sets it off that that needs it, amongst other things that are are the colorful And as I was saying, um, when you're purchasing something, you don't know what exactly is put in it. There's no standard When it's put in there. Remember in Illinois. We don't know law, fireworks like that, unless they're displayed by a professional, and that's part of the fact of licensing. They know what's in it. They know where it's going to detonate how high it's going to detonate. Is it going to be away from civilians as this gentleman was describing? It wasn't the plume did not go away from from him and his family? Therefore they they were encapsulated in their smoke. It's you know, I hate to compare it to it, but it's pretty much the same consequence of a cigarette. What is exactly in a cigarette? What causes the damage? Well, we know a few items in it, but the rest of it is not known, and I think that's what we're combining a lot of different things in there and causing this type of illness, right. Well for people who come across illegal fireworks, or who decided to get rid of the ones that they have. What are the safe ways to do so? Um You know what I would certainly, uh you know, and that's a great question, because we very rarely get those calls for that. Um, but I would certainly call 311. Um and they will direct them as to what disposal? Um and they can turn them in without fear of any legal troubles. Absolutely. I would highly recommend they go to the local police station. They can give it at the front desk. Absolutely, absolutely. I would encourage them to do so. And and I hope and pray that they do do that you know this weekend and that it is a safe weekend for them. Where can people go to enjoy fireworks this weekend? You know what online There are numerous, won numerous locations throughout geographically through around the city, um, that you'll be able to see them in a safe location. Um, this year. I don't believe the city has posted any of theirs yet. They will be forthcoming, but I would certainly check the city's website to find out times and locations. City Chicago dot org. Um, if you check that That will identify the different locations that surround the Chicago area or Chicago where they're going to be located. That is Chief Wally Schroeder with the Chicago Fire Department chief. Thank you so much for your service, and we hope that you have a safe Fourth of July weekend. Thank you. You as well, Thank you for having me now, before we wrap this segment, I want to pull one more voice into the conversation. If lighting up. Fireworks are lighting up the grill is not what you're looking to do this weekend. We do have a few recommendations for you. So on the line with me now is Tamara O'Shaughnessy, editor in chief of Chicago parent magazine. Hey, Tamara. Hi. How are you? Thanks for having me doing well tomorrow. Are you already cooking up your plans for the weekend? I am we've got we've got a lot of fun and aren't we lucky to live in Chicago land it is still despite us still social, distancing and math wearing, we're still filled with things to do for families. There is still so much to do as you said, So. What recommendations do you have them for, folks? This weekend because I immediately think of lighting up the grill. I got to admit, I immediately think of a swimming pool of some sort. What's on your list? They're all good things. Um One of the things that we're suggesting families do is a great event. Even though it's virtual by the Chicago history Museum. They're going to have contemporary Chicagoans talk about what freedom means to them. But in there also this is for Family fund. It will have a hot dog trivia contest where you can potentially win prizes, Its virtual It's free. Um and then you you know, it gives you something to build your day around. You can have your barbecue after maybe even make some hot dogs. Sounds good. What else? Uh, let's see on on the Fourth in terms of music and very popular. Miss Jamey's farm is going to be at Cantigny in Wheaton, and she always puts on a good show for kids. She's performing 11 to noon there, um, on the fourth of July so kids can get up. They can totally, um Dance around and learn about life on the farm. She always puts on a really, really fun show. And then, of course, we know that Wheaton is a great place to have a picnic or barbecue. The gorgeous Open their most of these ideas, family friend it family friendly, totally family friendly. I wouldn't I wouldn't suggest anything that I wouldn't take my kids to Nice. What about for the introverts among us tomorrow? They're looking for something low key. Monkey. Oh, I know. Can you even do Fourth of July? Loki? I guess you can stay home, ladies. Okay, there, it is it like that's as low key as it gets. But one of the things that I really enjoying, and then I will be down. Uh, here the the merchandise. Mark. Um On the fourth. That's the art on the march very low key because social distancing is still being enforced there, But Adler has created a 16 minute piece. Yeah. Called Astra graphics, and they play that on the mark from nine at 99 30 for my kids, They are a little older, that is not past their bedtime, but it's a fun way to being in the city. Still, um and really enjoy what the art on the mark has created for. Before everybody. Um you just mentioned social distancing guidelines are people still being encouraged to take precautions when it comes to covid 19 this weekend? Yes. Yes, And we always recommend when families go out that even if the event is not, um mandating masks or social distancing, we always make sure we always recommend our families. Go out and, you know, keep keep a little bit more distant, especially because kids 12 and under still cannot get vaccinated and we want to keep them safe. That's tomorrow. O'Shaughnessy, editor in chief of Chicago parent magazine, Tamara, Thanks and have a great weekend, you to enjoy that barbecue. Thanks. Bye..

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