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The number to reach me eight three three two ask dean eight three three the number to ask dean I've been talking about the days this morning we're going to get back to talking about the days but we're staying alive and flexible end tomorrow we've got a great show coming up about bringing birds back into your garden something that we're all spending a little bit more time in right now something we have the opportunity to do at least a big part of what we can do while we're sheltering in place is to work the garden a lot of SA L. that's something I would do if I has time well now there's time so tomorrow we're going to take a deep dive into the fun and the importance of bringing birds back into our garden so don't miss tomorrow's show from nine to eleven but today I'm gonna give you a special teaser slash taster spoon of how powerful the experience of birds in the garden can be so earlier this week I recorded a very special call from my friend Karen Sharpe no relation well I guess technically somewhere somewhere if we tracked it back for and we have the same last name but no immediate real relation although you know I would not be ashamed at all if Karen was a close relative because she's a good friend and a wonderful person anyway Karen Sharkey the sharp legendary host of love songs on the coast our sister station K. O. S. T. one of three five FM end Keren just happens to have a very very special relationship with some hummingbirds so let's give a listen Hey Karen welcome home thank you so much and I'm such a fan and I am just so excited to be here to talk about my favorite thing in the world hummingbird oh my gosh well we were gonna do this face to face but then you know life happened so is it yeah is it fair to say that you have had a life changing relationship with hummingbirds it is so fair to pay about three years ago I had walked across my neighbor's house and he had a humming bird feeder up and I was just my type I could not take my eyes off her there's just so amazing to watch them why they're there we've actually created a year eight be able to do all the things that they do they can fly up and down and back with the board and they're just amazing little creatures so I was just like I have my tie I I had to have one so I got a a bird feeder of my own and that was three years ago and I had one little lonely hummingbird that we've come to visit me but as the years have gone by I've had more and more and this spring I've had more than I've ever had I probably have about five new ones that I've seen and how members are just incredible creatures everybody I know who regularly feeds and relates to hummingbirds have told me basically the same thing so you're talking about your your set of birds they keep returning to your balcony in your feeder absolutely and you know how many birds actually remember your face they know every flower that they've been to and they know exactly how much nectar they can get from it you know the next time they go visit her they are very very smart carrion birds and they will remember you and that is really the trick to getting them that is and time with them I can't remember Peter and out there and they will remember you okay wait a second are you not have talked about this but you just basically dropped a bomb their what you just said to get them to feed from your hand I don't know many people who have imagined humming bird eating out of their hand but you do this with your birds I do it every day every day before I come to work and it's really then it is saved my sanity yeah because I stay out on the balcony and I have the little hand hummingbird feeder I stick my hand out and of course they know me they feel comfortable with me but it's easy any of your listeners could do it so if they're interested I'll I will reveal my hummingbird creek as far as how to get them to eat from your hand because it really first thing you have to do is get a hummingbird feeders so you attract them and they know where they can get their little daily many mail and they'll come there you're kind of like a drug dealer first you just get out there and so they get they get you get him hooked the day you get a notice coming by your balcony and then you push him to the next so what's the next thing the next level is the hand Peter you can get him at Amazon and you just spell it with an actor and you stick your hand up there and that and the main thing is just to be patient and just wait there and take down the other hummingbird feeder you gotta take away the main hummingbird feeder for them because you're like a drug dealer you get him hooked on one thing and then you deny that you like no no no no you got to come over so you got to get rid of the feeder and make them come to you yes now I can do it with the fear if they'll come to me I actually can call them because they know you they know me and I call them I do and they come to me but that takes time so basically you take down the main Peter you stick out your hand and we've barely barely scale every quiet do you have to use your Tweety bird voice do you have to use that already perfect all right Elmer Fudd boy the very very quiet and then they they will come to you just have to be still and one of the other tip is whereas if they are very very attracted to her back yes that they're very curious birds and they will come find out what that red breads all about over there and and if you're very still and you have your whole hand Peter they know what they are and they will come and I cannot tell you the amazing feeling of the little wings a little breeze they create with their weight and to feel that against your face or your hand is really like being touched by god it's an amazing thing when a wild creature gives you their approval there's something kind of soulless it's as if nature is nodding at you saying we're okay with your being here you're okay you're you're in the right spot so this is something that has been really important to you and I'm going to say it's like they're the drug dealer because I'm hooked on them and then all this time out there and making sure that every three days that they get their nectar and and that that that they had their hummingbird feeders cleaned and I spend a lot of money on the I am making sure that they have planned that they like to go to like the jazz man or that I'll be and I create an environment for them and for me and we both get something from it no you do this every day every day I have a balcony and I do my show crap or love songs during the day figuring out what I'm going to talk about and put out there and today I on my balcony I had five G. I don't know where Jesus came from but they flew over my house the other day I had to crane flying over my house there's just so much nature out there and it's so fun to spend time out there and you never know what's gonna fly by and then of course I watch my hawk and the hawk Hyundai's are very very compatible that that run a little hot meat if they're not much Micah hock they're not on each other's lives are not and so that they'll actually put their little nap under places where the hawks are under protection so they shelter under the hock so they're like don't even think about coming over here but look who lives upstairs actually exactly you have a larger piece of property but all this happens on your balcony you and I thought that's just a great encouragement even for people who rent or live in apartments or condos they could do this to act quickly and at it's always good you also have a little water source for the hummingbird so I just got it down and look at the table top they didn't have to be a big bounty but it's a bubble or a ball and and the water comes up and the little hummingbird than a little bird actually land on the ball on a kick a little back and they have a little drink and then they go so then if you're going to commit to meeting coming bird we make sure that you change your nectar every three days make sure you do you have a water source any change about water and make sure that the water source is bubbling because the rippling of the water the agitation of the waters what keeps mosquitoes from landing in and and laying their larvae yeah absolutely and it attracts hummingbirds and the other little exactly you want to know my magic nectar let's do it don't put any diet and your hummingbirds here it's four cups water one Cup regular sugar and just boil it until the sugar dissolves and then only put and you don't have a lot of hummingbird yeah put in like a fourth of the way because you have to change it three days and you don't want to have to wait all that good he just refrigerate the rest admit that the over eighty degrees in the summer you gotta change and everything Karen your brilliance that's amazing you you've set everybody this wonderful example and I hope people just to get excited by the idea that this has become a a ritual for you that has really impacted you in this amazing way thank you so much great being on your show thank you so much thanks for being with me buddy we'll talk soon okay all right bye bye I all right that was Karen Sharpe from love songs on the coast one of three five which normally airs Monday through Friday from seven to midnight but beginning Monday love songs begins an hour earlier at six PM because of the world could use a little more love right now so your calls coming up next Layla has the news.

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