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Returning to normal today over an Everett at on core Boston Harbor under strict precautions, stubbly busies Kevin Coleman. After being shut down for nearly four months stewed to the Corona virus pandemic on core Boston Harbor is open and ready to welcome visitors. When guests to arrive, they will go through a thermal temperature scan before entering the casino and masks are to be worn at all times. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Stations are set up throughout the resort and six foot high Plexi glass barriers are installed at all the restaurants and on the gaming floor at every table and machine to continue social distancing. The casino has put up guidelines. In videos on their website on how to stay safe before visiting at on court. Boston Harbor, Kevin Coleman W B Z Boston's NewsRadio It may be the nation's oldest clothing company. But Brooks Brothers has filed for bankruptcy and plans to shut down its Southwick factory in behavioral Hundreds of workers will be out of jobs, and members of the state's congressional delegation are now working on calling the company to give the workers what they deserve. W B z Suzanne Saz VILLE reports. Congresswoman Laurie Trahan says the company should pay the 413 unionized workers at behavioral plant a fair severance package and the company owes them health coverage so that they can't bet get back on their feet. Without living in fear of getting sick or injured. Senator Ed Markey understands times are tough. Brooks Brothers is not responsible for succumbing to the financial devastation caused by this pandemic. Bach. Brooks Brothers is responsible for keeping its word, he says the company's suits maybe hanging in countless closets, but they cannot let Brooks brothers leave their workers hanging out to dry is just plain wrong. I reached out to Brooks Brothers, but did not hear back. Suzanne Saz Ville W. B Z Boston's news radio. Or more business news. We go now to Bloomberg Online shaving products suppliers, expand products and retail locations. Shavings here has changed in the last 60 years, Gillette has given a brand new meaning to the phrase shaving comfort. Jeff Raider chief executive officer at Harry says it changed with.

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