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NCUA morning news at twenty five and fifty five on WTOP let's get the lowdown on a pretty darn nice day Jeff play by the close the Dow is up five hundred thirty two points at two and a quarter percent gain the market's propelled higher by early signs of a promising covert nineteen treatment the S. and P. five hundred index ended the day up almost two point seven percent the economy shrank even more than expected in the first quarter and that's captured just a couple of weeks of the covert nineteen slowed out GDP shrank by an annual rate of four point eight percent of the forecast for this quarter could be more than thirty percent the ride hailing business is way down uber says it may lay off twenty percent of its corporate work force fifty four hundred jobs lift just laid off nine hundred eighty employees seventeen percent of its work force the slowing housing market may rebound quickly mortgage bankers association says mortgage applications to buy homes jumped twelve percent last week although contracts signed to buy an existing home in March were down twenty one percent just label WTOP news flood watch in effect for tomorrow as we expect a deluge details ahead its five fifty six and now the small business buzz package by the UPS store many small businesses still have not meaningfully address potential IT security risks and must be to be firm the manifests as fifteen percent of small businesses experienced either a hack virus or data breach last year and before the corona virus crisis sixty four percent were planning to devote more resources to cybersecurity inexpensive steps many are now taking or just limiting employee access to data for now I'm Jeff label at the UPS store we want you to know our doors are open and we're ready to help you any way we can the UPS store is in the central business that will be open for every in you rely on us for whether that's printing packing mailing.

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