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7th. I'm Brian Gorman with me this evening, James Berland er on the board and coming up in just a bit. We'll talk to retired U S and political scientist Dr Susan MacManus and get her reaction to everything that took place yesterday for more reaction on the chaos at the Capitol and the subsequent fall out. I'm joined by columnist for Business Insider Josh Barrow. He can follow on Twitter at Josh Barrow. Josh, thanks so much for taking a few minutes to join the show and let's start with your big picture takeaway on everything that's transpired. Well, I mean, obviously it was outrageous. The president should have known and I think did know that this was a foreseeable outcome of what he encouraged his supporters to do, telling them to march on the Capitol, telling them the election have been stolen from him on that the vice president had some supposed power. Tonto reject the results of this election and was betraying him by not invoking it. On Then these thieves people they committed insurrection. They invaded the capital. Four people died. One of them was shot by Capitol police and the K Up in the chaos. There were three Medical emergency death, So I don't know about you know whether those were directly attributable to the chaos or not, but clearly there was a lot of lot of damage. There was death. There were injuries to Capitol police officers on it was an effort to interfere with Congress's constitutional duties to certify the results of the election that Donald Trump have lost. So he did this thing there was violent and dangerous for a reason. That was that was contrary to his oath of office. S O that merits his removal from office. Obviously, there's only has 13 days left as president, so it's pretty late to bring an impeachment. But who knows what he what he might do in those 13 days, and I think that he gravely angered a lot of Republicans, especially on the Senate side of the Hill. S O. Bringing an impeachment could be a lot more productive. Now, then it might be over some other matters that you would have the one thing I would know about this. Is that this? Well, this this was a dangerous outrage on but very bad thing that happened. It was not something that ever had any real risk of actually interfering with the constitutional processes and an adorable right which is to say Joe Biden will the president on January 20th. He was always going to be president on January 20th one seed won the election on so I mean, people are talking about Was this a coup attempt? I mean, you know, E think the people who rioted in the capital would like to have overthrown the government. But this was you know, the dangers that were associated with this were very real. But I don't think that one of those dangerous was the idea that this was ever actually going to change the outcome in terms of who was going to run the country. What was your reaction to the reaction among Republicans and even people like former Attorney General Bill Bar who came out today with the strong statement and others? Pushback really forcefully against the president. Unlike anything we've seen up to this point. Well, I think there's a few things going on here. One is that this This was a scary situation on Capitol Hill for people in both parties and a dangerous situation where we're fortunate that more people didn't die. And we're fortunate that the No members of Congress died or even as far as I know where were injured in this in this chaos, But I think that you know they had toe had to hide under their desks in their chairs and They had to put on their gas mask codes and find ways to evacuate. I think that people they were in real danger. They felt in real danger. The president was to put them in danger. And even if you're conservative and Republican, that's something that would be likely to make you very upset. On by think we saw that in a lot of the speeches that we saw from senators who were sharply critical of the president, sharply critical of their own colleagues in the Senate would adults this nonsense and and helped build this crisis? People like Josh Folly and Ted Cruz? You saw Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse and also Tom Cochran, who's very conservative. And ordinarily one of the trump your senators, really speaking quite harshly about Josh Holly and Ted Cruz and the lies that they've been telling people Spot up this this rebellion, So I think that I think there was a lot of sincere outrage there. I also think you had a lot of officials in the Trump administration who are looking for their offering. On their way to to show the world that they have broken with Trump. Now that Trump can no longer provide them anything useful. Ah, lot of them were effectively done with their jobs anyway, since this administration is just about the end, so I don't put a ton of stock. In administration officials using this opportunity to resign in protest. Their jobs were about to evaporate anyway. And then on the House of Representatives side of the hill. There were a few members, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who's a senior member of the House Republican caucus, who backed off on their objections to counting the votes, basically saying, you know, after after all of this, we don't really feel that that's productive anymore. But for the most part, House members who were going to participate in the subjection continued to And they had some nonsense to spin about how he basically they're just asking questions, and all they want is for people who don't trust the outcome of this election to have their voices heard. Of course they were heard when they voted that you didn't get your way doesn't mean you weren't listen to, um But they know it was sort of this just asking questions. Defense. You know, we don't You know, we don't really want to overturn the election Global blonde, which I find very disingenuous, But it was those remarkable to me the difference between the House side on the Senate side with senators. Seemed genuinely shaken by what happened here. More than half of senators would indicated that they intended to object to the election results ended up not actually doing so. But I have precisely half there were seven objections to one of the What? To the Pennsylvania slate of electors, and I believe they were supposed be 14 senators and checked into it. Originally, the House side you know, the house has always been Trump here, then the Senate on the Republican side, But both the House and the Senate were you know the their own state Capitol building..

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