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No, that's not the case. They need a four minute offense. Where the case they get to lead. They can grind it out. So I don't believe Damian Williams is the answer. They're running back. If you wanna go platoon, I believe he can be a piece of that. But I do believe that this offense can improve. Because when you get the lead if you're going to be high fine. You have to be able to get first downs late in the game to build get keep that defense off the field. I think New England gave them a lesson a schooling in ball control. Because that's what teams will try to do against him as long as they have Patty Mahomes that chiefs us by being third-highest offense. I'm Bill history. Only at one drive all year long that was more than seven minutes. One touchdown drive. The patriots had one of those to start the football game. So that's the point about if you get a lead being able to grind it out. Now, they do not. Have real flexibility on offense. They're going to give tyrod killer contract extension, Damian Williams. They just gave him a an extension to games replacement for Kareem hunt. And whether we believe in Sammy Watkins, ability, stay healthy or not the contract. They signed him to I two years guaranteed. He will be your number two receiver for the canc- chiefs next year it is after the twenty nineteen season. They could move off him, but that's gonna save many real money. Because that's when Patrick Mahomes is contract is up the offense. They they're going to have to find a way with these same pieces, maybe a draft pick. Maybe if there's a wide receiver out there. They can get cheap that they think they can insert in they're not Kelvin Benjamin. But for the most part the offense going to be the same. It's the defense that's gonna go under some changes break coming up is the NFL about to make major changes following a new poll in New Orleans. That's next. February the greatest event in modem sports as back the Daytona five hundred kicking off the twenty nine NASCAR season. It's February.

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