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Hi Tom a few times a couple times in the last few months you have said on the air concurrently that Marianne Williamson would make a great wonderful president but having little political experience. actual definitely be electable because with racial discourse brilliant black community and being a religious spiritual person will bring in I'm gonna write your own little religious but I like you to elaborate the audience as to why you political lack of political experience will be handicapped. I think that that's one of the big challenges that Marion's gonna have hi you know I know. personally six. so tell us why you don't help I was so smart hi in Merion actually does have political experience she she ran for Congress in the in California she's been involved in politics peripherally for a lot of years she's she has brought politics into her I know she does is regular weekly I don't know if you call it a church service you know of a in in Los Angeles has for years and years used to do it in Detroit fact I filled in for a couple of times in Detroit and so yeah hi I think that she is a good person and a serious candidate I think it's extremely unlikely she's gonna end up the nominee of the party but you know I've got nothing bad to say about her or frankly any of the other people who are running right now and and even my concerns about Joe Biden's of performance last night are more you know okay we're back to this whole Joe Biden who ran for president a couple of times and couldn't get there because he kept fumbling things up and and he certainly did last night in the town hall and I always you know frankly very concerned about that built in Sacramento a bill what's on your mind. I would say. but I I got kind of baffled. I'm actually paid for any one who wins the nomination okay. I don't know what's the matter. yeah and the reason why is because those. I don't deal with talk about a week that I don't play Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham actually said he would not. a long time ago yeah after. absolutely they ran out of the way so you know I I heard them call and dash of weapons yep okay and that's the reason why I'm including one I'm tired of this. in New Zealand. and your phone is your phone is breaking up so I am sorry but also your your movie in England not because you have an economic opportunity there or you're in love with somebody from from Great Britain but because you're tired of American politics why not just you know take I okay or something to stop paying attention American politics. that's not it I'm medical yeah they all look that up so you're moving to the U. K. because they have a national health care system and you're not getting the the medical care you need here in the United States who are for profit fragmented system. actually no I'm not the class Medicare now however I used to pay one thousand one hundred ten dollars a month your healthcare..

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