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The district is offering extra resources to students who may be affected by the travel ban we also spoke with a local man from iran one of the countries in that band his wife who was also from iran is stuck in canada right now where they got married this year no idea what were going to do then i have to move candida sure because she's not allowed to come in protesters say the ban unfairly targets muslims the first two versions of the band were blocked this third version restricts travel from five muslimmajority countries iran iraq libya syria and yemen along with venezuela in north korea and morgan supporters say the ban protects daschle security mary in that five to four supreme court ruling the majority of made it clear the president is allowed to make decisions based on what he considers national security concerns so in this case they will president trump didn't over step is the thorny to ban people from entering the country if they can't be thoroughly vetted washington congressman dave reichert agrees this is strictly based upon the fact that some of these countries have not provided as standard of information sharing and betting that met the standards of most other countries across the globe justice your issued a sharp dissents calling the band quote motivated by hostile ability animus towards the muslim faith you've been watching several primary races across the country tonight and here are some of the highlights of major political upset in new york ten term democratic congressman joe crowley was defeated by twenty eight year old progressive activists alexandria costco cortez in utah former presidential candidate mitt romney won the republican primary in that state senate race and south carolina governor henry mcmaster defeated john warren and the gop runoff mcmaster was one of president trump's earliest gop supporters instead of a trip to jail petty criminals had north seattle may soon get a second chance to turn their lives around couples drill marino's live with a crimefighting approach that at first glance might seem counterintuitive joel mary instead of arresting people for breaking the law which might seem like the right thing to do they instead wanna reward them by bringing them here for help well the leave program is not what it seems and it's going to be launched here in the north precinct to help kerr campus people living in cars then parking on residential streets are a major problem john lumbered has tracked the trouble says a member of the defensive community network says the law enforcement assisted diversion program could make a real difference we definitely support that approach north precinct rollout lead would focus on helping people living in vehicles committing low level crimes like prostitution i see lead as a win win for everyone council members get an update on the expansion efforts instead of hauling these offenders to jail police would have the option to do a face to face warm hand off to a lead caseworker who.

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