Burnett, Argonne, Kenneth discussed on Critical Role - Episode 50 - Best Laid Plans


But then the pest that a trace even so you can still from the open in order to stealth you have to have some way of staying out of sight once you get to about seventy feet from the wall is basically just like open open ground and the the large wallets rouse doubts about what about the can you take a whole under and we like hanging out in a hall with like something of the top of it so we can uh step out earnings burn that kind of already burned burnett got it i mean we can still go underground i have a tunnel belts to a certain point get out let's keep our distance let's get them out of the caspian coming out at us and then we going okay so what's the plant whose doing what argonne visible and start walking into town we stay at the very edge stealth as fuck can you cannot going into town and you taking the jane hidden from the main entrance allegedly everyone be mindful the pet i pointed out to everyone round the finance so all round affair in his no not a very heavy individual you were pretty spot on you okay you're really certainly can support the weight of a non now i can polymorphic couple of people now sorry appalling polling more from one person as like up stealth kenneth there are the three guards there about twenty feet in from the main gate earning entrance way uh one of which appears to be a female goliath.

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