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To be working in administration under a president who said it was okay to rough him up, quote, unquote, rough thugs up after there had been a number of horrific deaths at the hands of police were people who were in police custody. She kinda shrugged it off and then start talking about her own relationship to tragedy as if those two things were entertained or or that anyone who suffered tragedy is is experiencing it in the same realm of the same level. I mean, I think she's someone who has totally discounted herself and she's never played a role that felt in support of or of interest to most black people. Omarosa ideology is always just been completely motivated by herself. She doesn't even know who she is or what she stands for a, how are we supposed to know or care about what she stands for. But I also think in reading unhinged, it's worth. Reading her book from two thousand eight that she wrote after her appearances on all these celebrity reality shows another book. Oh yeah, it's called the b. I t. c. h. switch which she just shortens to the be switch and it's a manual for women who need to be empowered. And essentially it's like it's actually a weird version of Steve Harvey's think like a man now that I think about it before the boardroom, not the bedroom. She does quote from that book. Yeah, at least mentioned the title and unhinged a couple of times. Do you wanna learn how to be tough when necessary? Then you're going to need to find your switch and fast as a woman. You're uniquely armed with one of the greatest communication devices. Any woman can have up bitch, twitch. Can men have bitches? Yes, but that's another chapter in another book. You don't have to act like a man to get respect in the workplace. You don't have to be a man to take charge. Once you bitch switch goes on that does not mean that you're feminity goes off. Yeah. And the whole thing is about how while she was on television, people saw her as a t. c. h. but really she was just being shrewd and behaving quote like a man. She lays out the playbook for everything she's doing right now. She lays out rules for how to refocus how to misdirect and redirect. I mean, she really just lays out precisely what she's doing doing right now, and I wanted the administration is doing and what this administration is doing. Also, I'll just read you one excerpt where she says, when people talk down to criticize you, what do you say in response using this method appear to side with the person speaking with you, but never admit to any wrongdoing, you're not conceding avoid conflict and minimize communication. This comes in handy when speaking to someone who wields great power over you, for example, a boss who has the power to fire you. I mean, the whole book is filled with tips like that about how to. Get people to believe you and manipulate them and ultimately get them to do what you want, which is basically what she's doing with unhinged and his tapes. And so here we are yet again on the brink or in the midst of some kind of fantasy about what it's like to to fight racism, whether it's in the movies or in your daily life. Yeah, and how futile it is, and it's not as though Spike Lee doesn't know. Yeah, it's not. It's not as though black klansman is presenting this this little infiltration undercover mission as these solution, right to great greater racism. I mean, the movie ends with this utterly jarring devastating footage from the March on Charlottesville that ended in just utter in a mailing last summer. Yeah. He uses footage of Donald Trump defending the white nationalists. There's the footage of Heather hires death. Yeah. And. You're just aware watching this movie, watching this woman trying to sell this book fit getting in there and getting that proximate to kind of talk city. You're not even a pill for cancer. Let alone chemotherapy or radiation. What Ron stallworth and Omarosa might have in common is that they think they're doing good, but they're really perpetuating more harm. That's our show. Still processing is a product of the New York Times. It's produced by Nina plus hawk and our editor is social whites. We have editorial oversight from Lisa Tobin and Smith engineer is Jake Gorski. Our theme music is by highness, it's called world restart from the album otherness you can find all our other episodes and everything else NY times dot com still process. And if you're so inclined leave us review on apple podcast, inclined yourself..

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