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And John did with Alex from ever clear they're jamming right now at the Miller letter is literally I opened the door to our studio, and they were playing Father of mind when we had father of mind playing on on the radio, so ever clear is jamming right now in the Miller Lite Oasis, Jazzy Jeff is playing right now, Generac and soul. Asylum also Bringing it bringing some heat? Yeah, exact same time. These were 10 o'clock shows in 2000 and two right? It's like I wonder if fans are cool with it. You know what I mean? It's like you're going to go from packing the rock stage and it's going to be loud and nighttime there than outside. All right. Well, that's what they can get at this point over. Is that OK? I totally agree with that. Absolutely all right. For 28 news about your money. Now it's drinking Associates in the WTMJ market Update. US stocks fell today as Wall Street reacted to stronger than expected weekly jobless claims and ongoing concerns about the impact of the covid 19 pandemic. The Dow Jones industrial average drops 151 points, while the S and P 500 index declined. 2.46% and the NASDAQ composite lost 0.25. Jobless claims data were also in focus with new applications for unemployment benefits, falling 35,000 to a new post pandemic low of 310,000. Over the week ending September. 4th and General Motors shares were down around 1% after the carmaker extended to shut down times of several North American plans. Amid the ongoing shortage in global semiconductor supplies and the recall if it's Chevy Bolt battery for drinking Associate Sam Zap quits Financial Advisor News radio WTMJ Wisconsin's afternoon news on Wisconsin's radio station news radio. WTMJ 4 30, I'm Eric Bill said. In for John, Mark your your top story. President Biden announces a new plan to get more people vaccinated. I'm Melissa Bar claim. Milwaukee Sheriff is hoping for another job. Greg Matte sick. What a great day to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Plocica and an accident.

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