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I didn't wanna be jed clampett you know, illegitimate cousin, so practice on my name. I did it for years. Kit, not having a clue go, but does deal was definitely he news going to be a star and a star has to have a great signature if you will. Giddy I don't know if you guys heard getting omega, say, if you will last night in the Ray, he really committed to. Because we didn't have anything at the end of the night. One of one of my favorite things was the whole reason. This came about some of you heard this idea for. I think we can do a bigger show. The bigger bigger building just came from doing twelve hundred nine hundred seat stage as small, intimate settings and what was happening at the end of every night. Everyone was staying in. Nobody was leaving. So we would do just bits and comedy and something to send them home happy, and it became a big focus like, yeah, yeah, that's great last segment, but how are we sending them home? Happy. And that was such a touching thing last night to see. Ten thousand four hundred fifty. One people happy and then staying in the arena. Just really it just I opening perhaps what we can do now, what's the future in your view, other sitting your hands, literally the end of you title. What's the short term goal for the organization? You know, Billy's done a great job of bringing life to this brought it back. And I think that's great because this is not easy to re- to re generate something that was really hot at one time. And then all of a sudden, what are that innovate title thing. It used to be. That was that was everybody. If you're a wrestling fan when I was a kid and a lot, a lot of your kids that are younger, that was the deal that was that champion travel the world that champion went to all the territories. It wasn't a regional territory lack. The w. w. w. title and I'm not belittling Bruno whatsoever. I love Bruno recipes. Had more people is on as honorable as him in it today, but what's the future? This Cody. What? What are you going? What do you want to do with it? Well, I want to. Continue the path of the traveling champion. That's kind of what I grew up on the type of wrestling. I liked even though it's a generation prior to me when I go back and look at, you know what flavor was able to do. Jack Brisco is able to do their date book alone and not just did it, but I did it and it was the best thing the night. Like I did it with consistency, but I have a rub some people the wrong way, and that's fine. I think most people enjoy it. I don't really believe in the politics of wrestling anymore. I, I understand if this isn't your company's title, but if you're asking me to come wrestle for your company, I'm wearing the damn title. There's no. Right. It's. I, it's, it takes an organization. It does to facilitate and get that ring setup, and it takes a crew to tied those ropes. But we a big focus last night. It was like, this is a wrestling show by wrestlers. And yeah, there's some things we learned from from a company standpoint organizational standpoint, but that's how I go in everything I do when I go into Long Beach. To Russell Jews Robinson for the GP United States heavyweight championship. I'll be wearing this too. I'm taking it everywhere. I go and. I'm excited to do that. I'm looking forward to that Long Beach. If Bo glad you brought it up. I think it's going to be..

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