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You may know more me about rocker on you certainly do. Trump some knowledge, it'd be crazy. I shall I shall educate you slide. But now at redsfest already said what's going on here, buddy? We got a good crowd down here. Tonight, boys and peop- reds fans are here and redsfest is underway at runs from ten thirty till ten thirty tonight. Eleven AM to six thirty tomorrow succumb on down plenty of room parking right across the street or right here downtown come by. And see us fake news is redsfest open about about three o'clock reds are planning to non tender as centerfield or Billy Hamilton per sources. Hamilton, thus will become a free agent, apparently the reds dry to explored a trade him and found interest teams. Wow. So looks like Billy Hamilton was going to be here. But now, he's not and then also Paul Diener junior. The inquirer said he talked a quarterback Andy Dalton he underwent surgery for a torn ligament and just right thumb on Tuesday. Everything went great to Dalton and he'll be ready to go at the start of the off season program. Surgery. That's that's that's interesting. It was a secret. Ed, it was a secret rock is a secret high school football, Kentucky one as state championship. Well, make more room because beechwood pike fell today. Twenty one twenty three three peat four. No rashes Tigers Cameron Hergott two touchdown passes in the late TD Rhonda ice the game for the Tigers. Course tonight, the Ohio division..

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