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Joe girardi paul the road dusky way to get all the ruling yet the i love it again because it was my the way been all wrong all the ruling here dole in ways that were bad the big king did i made that will see the way all big dave baker grab in vietnam agreed not smoked is brain out of his hey i did not been is brain have not been treated like it was in a kamado joe smoker that's what was kept him alive for so long oh ruth bader ginsburg she believes in pick leonard self i don't know if i'm bind that argument either but what i what was your boy i was going to say you know they're a while back in a lotta people know i was addicted lower taps correct and the reason i got addicted to lower tabs is because i did smoke pot okay and to get a job because they drug tested i quit smoking pot and the doctor put me on laura tabs and i got addicted to them because the lord that was the legal 1 correct which is way worse way where's that are let's go quick dave on the road welcome to the program hey guys did we're doing a good brother uh not slogan any good good morning hours ago do what i did about forty five years ago uh the uh there was a and and i totally changed my ways through the years i have uh uh done a lot of study on it and there's there's two doctors from the bar him area dr minarik myers and they did clinical research only uh marijuana and uh and other things i mean they they had the they were uh psychiatric uh uh doctors and clinical research is not case study i mean they actually did hands own clinical research okay they found out that the thc stays in your morning fluid it takes what of your brain either vets louis area 'cause it's a slow moving process and your metabolism that's one thing but the other is now i've had tuesday near greg bogdon medical shoulder surgery and if i hadn't had something to get through.

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