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So I do think even without dairy can still make the playoffs, it'll probably still win their division, but without Gary Kenner, you can expect them to advance it all. And the playoff, that's how meaningful dare Henry is to the team. But can they do anything to offset the injury? Yes, they can. They're going to need a running game because they just have another running back on injured reserve. They are going to need a replacement for Derek Henry moving forward. Who are two guys? Well, you want legit guys. So I'm saying excuse me. I'm saying Ronald Jones in Marlon Mack are two that they showed a really target. Bruce Arians has said that they would need an extraordinary offer to trade Ronald Jones. I don't believe that because Leonard fournette has handled a majority of the snaps jail Bonnie Bernard has looked good out of the backfield as well. So I think a reasonable offer you can get Ronald Jones. Ronald Jones has been demoted to the second back this year, hasn't been used much. But last year, ran for 978 yards, almost 1000 yard season, and he missed a few games due to COVID at the end of the year, which is why he was unable to surpass that 1000 yard mark in which is also why we saw Leonard fournette sort of take the reins from him. So I think he's a great bag here before, only started 9 games and ran for 724 yards. So I think he's an excellent back who could fit in this system and just ease some of the pain. He won't be able to replace Derrick Henry, but it's all about easing the pain and just staying at bay at the current moment. Ronald Jones is one of those guys. Another one, which of course happens to be in the same division, sadly, as the Tennessee Titans is the Indianapolis Colts, and that is their third string running back Marlon.

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