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Brookline Bank. Member F D I. C 5 23 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic. God, the threes. Snow is just part of our problem this afternoon, Michael. Yeah, You're right, Vanya. It's playing a factor here. I believe so here The South bound expressway is crawling down to South Bay. And now from Savin Hill down to a new crash coming in just after squad. I'm straight now. We don't need that. North bound just slow going up through east Milton really just reduced speeds all the way in the weather. Certainly not helping things along here. Delays 93 south shortly after 3 37 over to 24 states like that on 24 south for a bit, And then delays basically ruin those six and west Bridgewater down past 4 95 95 north of champ, almost two miles coming up through Mansfield with a crash A couple of miles before 4 95 1 28 south delays to Needham into dead and there's a con. Boy of plowing trucks working their way up and down 1 28 here, So expect those delays to continue for a while. How about the upper end of 1 28? Let's get the latest from the WBC news radio rule report. Yes, still are locked up here in Lexington and Walt Dam on the South end set of 1 28. You could think it earlier crash before re 20 and walt them for that. They did get it out of there. But things were still all tangled up. That could be for a while. Longer north under 1 28. We've got delays to start just after the 38 Woburn and continue up past the cloverleaf. Crest. Anakin, the WBC news radio road report. The usual delays 93 North up after route 1 25 and awful delays to national. This is love the effort Turnpike, which is bad, both directions. Couple of separate crashes in the mix there and went out to the West. Pretty bad delays on route to westbound out past 1 90 into Fitchburg and heads up the mass turnpike speed limit down to 40 Miles an hour today, my king WBC's traffic on the threes we checked the four day WBC active Weather forecast. Brian Thompson is well. Listen, we got a little bit of snow to get through and could be some slick travel for some folks to Yeah, I.

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