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18 months. 14 years old information at S. C. M s dot ord. It's 57 degrees in moderate a 62 in Salinas and 67 degrees currently in Santa Cruz, low clouds and sunshine this afternoon coastal highs in the sixties warmer inland. Temperatures in the upper seventies toe low nineties overnight lows in the forties. For most areas, this is K A Z U Support for NPR comes from this station. And from nationwide Children's Hospital. It's on our sleeves Movement for Children's mental health provides resource is to educators in one million classrooms across America. More at on our sleeves dot org's slash million And from Subaru, with the 2021 Subaru Forester featuring standards, symmetrical all wheel drive and safety. Technology. Love. It's what makes Subaru Subaru Learn more at Subaru dot com. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Elsa Chang. It has been six months since Ethiopia descended into civil war, the conflict has spiraled pulling in neighboring Eritrea. Few journalists have been able to get there to report on the conflict. But NPR's Ada Peralta made it into the Tigre.

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