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And I've got tickets to the Melinda Doolittle concert coming up one pass for two to see Melinda Doolittle on Thursday, or I'm sorry Friday or Saturday of next week at the Civic Center. She's the American idol star now doing quite well on her own and is on tour, and is stopped here in Oklahoma City. And as I understand it. She is going to do anything from Bach to Adele or Aretha Franklin. She can do it all so you'll get to see her it brings the best content today. We'll get that on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Robert shawny. Thank you for hanging on. How you doing? Okay. But you to the alcohol content. Yeah. I heard you mentioned a bit about bottom was five percent. I've been looking at the internet, and they'll tell you on their majority of them are in the low forties. Budweiser five curse five getting light beers. They're low four. And you get into more the heavier beers. They'll get up in the sexes. Evans, eight nine. You mentioned lady ended up over daddy. But. Calling them all six point like the one guy said it's kind of a misnomer. Well, but that's what the industry has set up. Six point beer refers to anything that is five percent or above. And then they think well, it also refers to the to the four percents to if you're talking about volume or if you're talking about wait. So I mean, I don't see how that's relevant though. I really don't. Four hundred thousand star one thousand Greg is on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Thank you. Bring it on. Hey, how's it going good? Go ahead. Hey, I'm a fat, man. I I think satire. That's one of my favorites. I like to walk into it could still be out there. Isis. I spent a lot of time in Michigan. So six point was very common and Canada's. So I kinda grew up on Molson. Yeah. He's labatt's. Is still around. I've seen it. I haven't seen it here. But I've seen it. I've seen it over in Arkansas. And I saw boy did I see a lot of that in Nevada. We'll bring it back. Okay. For the first time. Yeah. Go ahead. My comment is is kind of limited our kuenz digging into the previous FBI probes on judge Cavanaugh. What's what's happening? Inside sounds to me like like a bunch of kids that someone kills someone else's baseball card. And then you realize it's a Mickey Mantle card, and then you realize it's like his second year card. It's almost like this ever end. It's really starting to wear. I think I think it's wearing on the public too much to the chagrin of those who think it's going to move the needle this coming midterm teacher. Greg hang on a second. I got tickets for you to the upcoming Melinda Doolittle show. We're now being joined by libertarian candidate. Chris Powell who is joining us on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. He's going to be on the ballot along with drew Edmonson. And Kevin Stitz. Chris why don't you? Go ahead. And just give us what you what your platform for the governorship would be well as libertarian I'm for all. All of the rights of all the people all the time. I specifically for the governor's race. We've been talking a lot about education about the idea that we need to get the control away from twenty third and Lincoln and back down to the local districts within reach of parents, and teachers parents teachers and students are involved in the education process. And that's neat is who needs to have the decision making power not a bunch of politicians at the capitol. We also need to pursue criminal Justice reform. We have the highest incarceration rate in the nation, and that's unacceptable both on moral and financial grounds. So we need to really pursue meaningful criminal Justice reform. So that we can work on fixing that and stop putting people into the prison system that shouldn't be there in the first place. So that they have an opportunity to be to continue to be productive citizens. Both for. Themselves and for the rest of us. We put people in the prison system, and they come out a lot more dangerous than when they went in. That's not helping anybody. So we need to pursue them. And then we also need to work on our state budget. Overall, we hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare and money that's going to special interest. We have state agencies that are mismanaged and full of waste because we've had a governor who's been asleep at the switch the past eight years. So we need to address both of those things. So that we can fund core services. Well, have those services delivered? Well, and that way we can do things with the things that we need to do that the people of the state expect their state government to do without having to consider things like tax increases and things like that. Chris Powell libertarian candidate for governor. He will be on the ballot on November the sixth on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Chris how how here the libertarian party in more states than it? It doesn't seem to be as prominent here in Oklahoma. What do you think that is? Well, I think it's actually really more well known than it is in some other states. You know, you love Gary Johnson's. Resulted in two thousand sixteen we were I think the fourth highest percentage for him in the nation. So the we we're we're doing a little bit better. Now, it, you know, there is the problem that we have not been on the ballot for before two thousand sixteen the last time we were on the ballot was two thousand because the laws that prevented us keep getting on the ballot. Where some of the worst in the nation. Later. You know, one thing I do have to credit the legislature for is that they did change those laws and now we're able to participate and run candidates. So yeah, we're here. We just haven't been before the people on election day. Now, we are. And now, we're we've got this opportunity to really build on the libertarian mindset of Oklahoma of, you know, personal responsibility and go from there to really build a party that's going to be a permanent part of the political landscape here, Chris Powell candidate for governor. He's on the la- tip of the libertarian ticket. And we'll be on the ballot Chris where can people learn more about you and about your platform? Are they can go to pow for governor dot com. There's a lot of information there, obviously, you know, if you do a Google search of Chris Paul for governor and Oklahoma, then you can find all kinds of things where I've been on in the media newspapers TV that kind of thing. So you know, there's a lot out there to find also on Facebook for governor and on Twitter. So there's those kinds of things are are out there for people to find. If I want to look for if I may Chris Paul because I've been hosting this program now for going on ten years, and they're especially in the last six eight months, there have been some really hot issues that have bubbled to the surface that I think are concerning the people of Oklahoma. And if I may just to get your opinion on these issues, maybe one at a time are you up for that? Absolutely. We certainly had a big issue recently with teacher pay and I think related to that. Is how the school system is how we have so many districts in one of the things that I talk about is until we find a way to conglomerate some of these districts. I don't know that we're gonna have a solution. So what is your take on teacher pay and making the education system better? Well, obviously, I think we've had an issue with our teachers not being paid adequately. They certainly think so I think most of the state agrees with that that our teachers have not been sufficiently well paid. But if we think that money is the only thing that's going to solve this problem. That's that's wrong. I you look at the survey hammer teachers that is the education has done every year. It was done back in January. It's available on their website. You might have to search for it. But two thirds of those teachers those former teachers said it would take more than money you could get them back in the classroom. And that's really what that is is their ability to control the classroom there the lack of respect for what they do and the abilities and education that they have. And of course, you know, if you're in a bad work situation, if you're not happy with your work environment. The easiest thing to do is ask for Rex. But what we really need to do is empower these teachers to run their own classrooms. You know, you look back at house Bill ten seventeen and there's all these so-called reforms. Some of those like clown sizes keeping class sizes slow we've we've gone away from that over the years, but the two things that have stuck are the state designing curriculum and mandating testing, well, nobody at twenty third and Lincoln knows your child the teacher in that classroom knows your child, and it's going to know a lot better. How to go about testing? Whether they're learning the material designing and the material. So it's going to be better able for them to absorb it. Those kind of things we need to trust our teachers, and that's going to go a long way to fix things, you know, as far as teacher paced. Typically, we have our teacher pay schedule. And that what that does is it creates a wage floor. No, other almost no other state. Does it this way the states all around us? Don't do it this way. And they all more pay more than we do because they leave it up to the districts, and that that makes the district's have to pay the market rate rather than saying, oh, the state says this is what we pay. So until we trust our districts until we trust our local teachers to make these decisions we're going to continue to have the same kind of problems that we have now it's Chris Powell libertarian candidate for governor on NewsRadio one thousand T. Okay. Big issue this past spring was constitutional carry voted in by the legislature. Vetoed by the current governor your stance on constitutional carry I would have signed it. And as governor I will call on the legislature to send it back to me. A right to bear arms. A what I think is really a legal codification of the basic human right to defense is a right. And we need to recognize that here in the state of Oklahoma. Another big hot issue was legalization of not medical marijuana since that passed but recreational marijuana where do you and the libertarian party stand on that? Well, since nineteen seventy one when we were founded the libertarian party has been for full decriminalization of cannabis. We that's not something that we need to waste law enforcement resources and prison resources on putting people into the prison system because they choose to use a plant that humans have used for thousands of years. It's it destroys lives and it waistline. So we need to continue on the path that we're moving we need to make sure that we do it right along the way and make sure that we don't go too fast and things like that that would create a situation where we're trying to get to a positive thing. And we create a negative result for ourselves. In the meantime, but we need to move continued. To move in that direction. Chris Paul with us. Newsradio one thousand Katie. Okay. Libertarian candidate for governor in tied into that kind of dovetailed anyway, prescription drug and the opioid crisis crisis. Do you see a solution? Well, obviously if with medical marijuana available that's going to help with the opiate opioid crisis. Because fewer people are going to have to rely on those farmers pharmaceuticals. If they have another option available to them. It's also the case that we need to look at that more as a public health issue. One of the things about opioids is that you know, they get prescribed. And then we do all these things to crack down, and we use a law enforcement approach, and then that causes a lot of our doctors to say, well, I'm not going to prescribe that anymore, and they've already got the people hooked. And so then those people are addicted because of the way the farmer pharmacological the medical situation has been and then they get cut off. And that's when they start looking for illegal sources, and they get products that are adulterated with sentinel and other things that that's where your overdoses Cup from. So we need to stop trying to. Use it law enforcement approach and scare everybody, and which just drives people into legal markets. We need to look at it as a public health approach and find ways to divert people from addiction. And like, I said, I think you know, the availibility a medical marijuana is gonna help a lot with that. Chris paul. I hope we can have you back in between now and the election time libertarian candidate for governor. And once again, where people can learn more about you and your platform alpha governor dot com.

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