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Colds. Why is that funny? That's not funny. Nobody knows what you're talking about. A new survey. Ask people what goes into having a good work life balance. People said things like spending time outdoors in nature having sex poor Ozzie Ozzie. Contention, but Elaine around. No, he doesn't. He's a good boy, keeping your house clean and organized. That is a good feeling. Very important in my opinion. Sure. Spending time with friends. That is nice. I definitely don't do enough of that. But I can't plan. I'm a bad planner. And that's my problem. But you do spend time with friends, I do, but I don't I if I could plan better, I have friends who hit me up all the time. Hey, you wanna hang on this? I'm mike. Let me see how the calendars look in as we get closer to just can't plan. I'm not good at planning. It's my worst than are. You more of like, a let's go get a bike ride today. Yeah. Right. Spontaneous guy. I'm going surfing. You wanna go? Yeah. The you and the you know, I in the morning and come get you. If you're ready to hang with us your friends every day. So. From time. It's true. Why do talk my brains out in here too? Sorry about that listening to music or podcasts. Okay. On the list of how how to have a well rounded life. Yeah. That's nice. That's relaxing spending time outdoors boning, keeping your house clean spending time with friends listening to music taking time for yourself every day. Like, one o'clock. No that's on the sex list. Don't you think I don't know? I think that's on the sex list. If that's all you're getting is that the sexiest because it seems like. She just had a kid. Not pointing any just saying love to have some sex. But you know, that's gotta be off the list for a minute. And by the way, the last time we did. It was super awkward. Well, she was humongous. Yeah. I mean, that's tough full of sister right anyway, taking time for yourself every day getting enough sleep watching TV and movies is high on the list. Thank you. I have a question. Well rounded, yes. How far before she like how soon after you bang. Did she have the kid, exactly? I can't say it that shower incident that I told you guys about on this podcast that wasn't the podcast, right? It wasn't a podcast. It's my story though. That's. You didn't tell us. That happened right before it went down. Well, that was definitely the week before because we had done the that was in the week. That was the last time I got anything. Oh sex related. She went down like Sunday, Saturday, eight nine nine one eight you think you'll reenact that shower scene today today, I would love to. Yeah. She could do that. I don't necessarily know that that will happen as I explained there's just a luck going on right? Yeah. That's a great idea. Vinnie would like a book an appointment with your face. He's a little face your face available around.

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