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He's great quarterbacks. Russell Wilson Dak Prescott or any of the such even feel a breath of the defender. They can throw it away in the players. Well as akiem Hicks told our lower Oatman of the pre-game show. He was looking for a sack today. Not so sure that's going to happen because well those quarterbacks are well protected. Let's check the game. They weather report brought to you by Bosch icon windshield, wipers, featuring clear, max three sixty five rubber technology to calm in the storm on game day or any day fifty five degrees. The feels like is also fifty five degrees. And it's going to rain throughout the day today. In fact, it's a one hundred percent chance of rain until one AM. The Pro Bowl will not be going on at one AM. So it's gonna rain throughout the course of the remainder of this afternoon here in Orlando. Sure, it's gonna rain. No, it's not going to rain, Kevin. And it is raining currently and is going to continue to rain time for the start of the game. Brought to you by peleton the game changing indoor cycling bike any weather's perfect for peleton. No matter how rough that gets this winter. There's always a ride waiting for you at home. The AFC is going to start with the football. I from the twenty five yard line and quarterback Patrick Mahomes one week removed from the disappointment of the chiefs losing in the AFC championship game at Arrowhead stadium. Tony, and I were there with one for that one. Patrick Mahomes is here is ready to play. He's got Keenan Allen and Jarvis Landry to his left. He's got tyreek hill to his. Right. You talking about that AFC championship game and thinking back after we call it was one of my favorite games of the year to call. But the discrepancy in place. The patriots have almost ninety four thirty seven points. Patrick Mahomes in this offense for the chiefs. Did it in forty seven ninety four for the patriots forty seven offensive plays. That's thirty one points. This kid. Explosive and you get tired kill Travis Kelsey in the rest of that. She's offense, and they're going to be a lot of fun to watch next. This chiefs team might be the favorite in the AFC for a long time moving from left to right. The shotgun. Snap to Mahomes. He'll throw on first down pressure comes throws over the middle. And he finds James Connor the running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers who takes it down to the forty three yard line. Bobby Wagner on the tackle. After an eighteen yard gain. And a first down. One thing that you know in the in the Pro Bowl Kevin is especially early there. The feeling out period. Kind of what the pace is going to be. It's changed every year. We saw tackle. That's something. We don't see that the rushing the passer, you know, sometimes it'd be more aggressive than others that time. Patch homes at all day. Mahomes of the gun. He's got Connor to his left on first down at the forty three yard line. He'll flip it to the right side on the past deflected and incomplete tipped by outcome Jenkins. The eagles strong safety out there to get a hand on that one in coverage in its second down and ten at the forty three yard line. Interesting thing with patch homes. He's down to stay in the pocket because there's no pass rush. These guys. When did we see him this year? Make some of the most amazing places running around by the off schedule play where he's throwing across his body. He'll be in the bucket. Most of the day because there's not much of a pass rush from this defensive front now a good chunk of his plays came on the run that was another big discrepancy in that AFC championship game last week between he and Tom Brady on second down. I'll play action quick toss. The Keenan Allen on the left side line at midfield ease into the NFC territory and Alan goes down with some contact from Darius slay at the forty two yard line of the NFC fifteen yard pickup and a first down to the AFC Keenan Allen. Vigo guy not probably is the go-to guy fulfilled rivers and chargers team under Anthony land that after the four start last year was one of the best teams record wise in the AFC great year this year couldn't get past the patriots to boy every year. They just find a way to get to the Super Bowl, and they hit that patriot wall in Foxborough on first down Mahomes with time again, I'll throw it short. Those tyreek hill I catch between the chiefs at the forty yard line hills. Zig zag into the thirty five and goes down at the thirty.

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