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You know i'm pretty good about keeping my questions in my in my head i think the one thing i do is some i go back to first principles i always feel like this a question before the one that you are asked that is the one that you forgot to ask unusually this can some really panel but it's sort of like come why do you do this or even what is the thing that you do because the full white you do this i want is a thing that you do and it's quite common to get deep into a conversation sort of forget this quiz in the time you movie there's a moment i'm cover little bit proud of almost where i'm talking to a guy annex santos could wait a minute you're almost proud movie that your data hilary lindh said i try not to be sort of big 'cause i feel like it's a bigger project than than my than my participation in it and i feel like i could a role with whatever happens in most of the encounters an answer feel sort of very organic but there's one moment where it feels like i kind of i'm quite professional and and in the interview with mark headley while we're interviewing act is to play um moore auditioning at his to play tom cruise and he starts saying he's you in scientology it's they say you have to have a dedicated clair and he talks about the intensity of tom cruise his commitment it with scientology and how he goes wrong confronting and shuttering suppression and i say but i feel is a bigger question outside of all of this of why is this so important and it's this feeling of light hang on let's just reboot this conversation and think about what is it that sinn tom cruise's head.

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