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I think that that is something that could get a lot of voters attention quickly finally, there's some talk of. A cash crunch. Now for the trump campaign incumbents generally have a financial advantage but there's reporting that that the trump campaign has raised one point one billion dollars since the beginning of twenty, eight nineteen and has spent more than eight hundred million of that already, and some questioning of why the trump campaign for example, spent money at a super ad long before average voters are tuned. In and meanwhile Jason the Biden campaign raised three, hundred, sixty, five, million dollars in August alone, which is a new one month record for fundraising like that and I. Mean obviously money is not everything trump was outspent in in two thousand sixteen but it's it's interesting to wonder whether the management of these campaigns could play play a role in the dynamic in these last few weeks to. Share and I think you know the Biden people. They have a lot of support in among wealthy people. I think Kamala Harris has been probably a good fundraiser among California's well to do, and so I think you know a lot of a lot of people have decided. that you people who run companies and so on. Have decided that you know they don't want any more of the trump show and I do think that they're going to give Biden a fundraising advantage I saw that the president is thinking about spending. Hundred million dollars of his own money by. You know I think I think that that's that that's a red flag for him. If he doesn't have enough if they don't have enough, for example, the contest in Michigan Nafta books on other states and that's also. Going back to what Kim said about the Senate not just going to hurt the president but hurt Republican chances in the Senate if the trump campaign has to pull back in be more selective about where they're spending. Kim. which which way do you think that cuts if president trump writes his campaign one, hundred, million, dollar check I mean Democrats will of. Course say he's trying to buy the election Republicans will say that he really means business and that it shows that he is a successful person who knows how the economy runs and it shows that he he can't be bought I mean there there are running your campaign. A check is a fundraising question of course, but it's also a political question. Right. One thing that I find interesting about Democrats is How none of them are talking about the issues that they were even talking about four years ago or eight years ago, which is how terrible it is that there is even money in presidential politics and how everyone ought to just take. A vow to not go beyond that federal matching fund that comes out, and that is a long gone theory at this point, and so it would just be humorous if nothing else for Democrats to say Nanna, you don't have enough money look our outspending you..

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