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This goes beyond this includes content. In wait a minute. Am I going to have a Mickey in my living room? Is he going to come? I think you might. They're trying to figure it out. So if you go to story living by Disney dot com, you can learn more. Yeah. We need to find out what query doctor thinks about this, because it was a really big Disney fan, and he also doesn't like dystopia. And I think he might be very torn. Well, I think it's a new novel for Corey. Well, everybody absolutely a new novel. Everybody loves Disney. It doesn't mean you want to live with him. But Disney wasn't the downtown kind of a failure? Or was it a success? I seem to remember, I was trying to look it up and now you always can find is this. They're going to do the first one in Rancho mirage. Oh, okay. So you can move there. It's a 55 plus Palm Springs. Yeah, no, I'm moving all your eligible now. Yeah, here's a guy. Look, he's playing a guitar, so that's good. They've got restaurants. Your dog can eat at the table in Disney World. They've got lemons. They've got limes. They've got oranges. I don't really see much to recommend it right here. And they've got a desert. If you're not going to retire. They're going to have this wonderful service. Oh, it's called cotino, a story a story living by Disney community. So that's a complicated questionable fun photography. I'm impressed with that. That looks fonts are in this one, two, three, four. That too. But the T it's not a where's the top. And the seems to be falling over. Because it's over 55. I don't know. Welcome to a dynamic creative oasis set within the stunning landscape of talk about your language defining culture. What does that work say? Can you please come up with an alternative pronunciation for us now, Kathy, since I were specialty? I can't even read it. But uncle Walt be there? Jeff, I'm going. That's what it looks like. And I can't see the rest of the team. Oh, that's not a tea that's an eye? No, it's probably a tea, but we're not sure. Well, you can't see it. Can you? 'cause it's so cool. Maybe if I make it bigger. You shouldn't have to. But.

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