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This's like Tropical Caribbean Island. Next think I went to Maria's Cafe? Maria's first really great food and got to sit out on the water there playing country music like we're in a country Western bar in Houston, Texas, up there on that island. I mean, it was country music after country music. It was really good was nice, super relaxing. Since I was up in like me. You think Michigan and Wisconsin you know, one thing's they're famous force cheese, especially like cheddar cheese at these homemade pretzels. With this Michigan cheddar cheese sauce to dip him in, and it was it was fantastic. But here's thing and I got turned on to So I had my buddy Lance, who owns operates their family owns operates the Newbury Country Club up in the Upper peninsula in Michigan. So they joined us for a day and in the evening Not there. He introduced me to one of the best craft beers I've ever had. And it's from the name of the beer. It was. It was a Bach was darker than, say, Shiner Bock, but not a thick Like heavy beer, dark beer like a Guinness, not a stop light beer. One of the best dark box have ever had. And it's called widow maker, and I forget the name of the brewery up there. But it was a Michigan based brewery. And so the widow maker with the homemade pretzels and the homemade Michigan Cheddar cheese sauce. I could've lived off that entire time I was there. And I don't drink a lot of beer any more. So for me to really brag about a home brew like that, with something special. Not sold down here. I'm sure you can have it shipped but not sold down here. This is the guard line. NewsRadio 7 40 sneak in one more call when we've got a chance Here is Josh and Spring Branch Morning, Josh. Randy. I got a peach tree from a nursery that I think has bacterial spots, And the only thing I confined is due a copper treatment and I'm just wondering if it's too hot. If you do it early in the morning, I'm gonna have to do that is the theme for the final hour when you're spraying anything from neem oil. Teo Insecticide in this.

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