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But he hit me listen listen to this policy moi's liberal resumed his catalogue later i'm sure you know whatever for reasons you mean after him just son who brigitte that other lau stood forgo having a hitch choir will say inro arrival of the film asadho will figure it out they look like he was saying something on wait back after lunch who made after him that is what this so he welcomes welcomes on yeah like brushed again he didn't hitomi brushed again rigby you so at the antoni said to enroll yeah he gave him a big a few yeah yeah i mean clears day yeah so yeah so that happened in then after and austin rivers who was in plan he was drawn through the whole thing and then after the game the rockets clint capello went to the clippers locker room said it hey lemme in and they opened the door they saw six foot eleven clint cappella they closed the door and then from from behind from the secret door incomes chris thau amount every who are there's a secret door in the locker room there um and your question is and apparently at some point they called the police right police presence police is reservoirs whose laughing about all right so now let's say you and i are put in charge of discipline for this particular game all right so let me just throw a couple of things that you and you tell me whether or not we should factor these things in okay.

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