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Teachers like Kim Half Sally see how much they. Claim of times already such a great like I what was going to say well, we just saying you're worried about friends from the disease. Judea schools opening. What we're talking about right before smoke pot. I didn't children. It's always when I don't smoke ads problems the years of. we saying right before this Ellie people each other's throats oh, so he's talking about. Do Smoke. Smoke toddlers. Children that it will It only takes a five seconds yet your. Back and then you're. Good Memories. So I was like, Hey, schools, I'm worried about it transmitting. It's like we're not just came close. There's nothing wrong with learning and goes oh well, just you know a lot of people that actually to port it it's the school lunch program is actually a major thing and this is like the way a lot of kids like the only way they can really get a good meal like. Not You me was like Oh. Yeah. Good Point. I hadn't really thought about that. That is rare in this world. It was easy. I was clear like a point I hadn't really. Yeah but like. People in for the most part would go fuck you this disease matter it's instead of going. Yeah. Yeah. I hear that. But at the same time I want Ron Bennington to live. Yeah. There's no discussion anymore there's a lot I. think there's so many factors that like, oh? Yeah. Good Point. Well, I think a lot of it is that like People are raised like our our culture became very Lake, we kind of overthrew a lot of traditional norms. Like that posts sixties, you know kind of America, there's like these. Traditional like things like you know religion and and you know nationalism and chivalry l.. These forces that don't we don't really have them that most societies had and we we really became very atomised and like individualistic in the bad sense of the word very consumer base. I'll look out for. And Right, and there's also of a real distrust in the experts and like I was saying before I think for good reason in a lot of cases and so people kind of feel like well, I know best and I'll figure it out myself. We're kind of bombarded with a lot of this kind of like empty propaganda. It's like just be you and that's good. Enough snow. You shouldn't you. You should improve yourself like what now maybe you're not maybe you isn't good enough. No one says that was as big as beautiful to lose a shitload away like I feel amazing. Love.

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