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Impact wrestling than anything if if you could pass. Hey we'd love to do this but we want okada versus rains. You could pull this off because you have guys like hulk hogan brock listener. Aj styles have held year the gp championship. You start throwing that footage up on smackdown heading into summer slam and build up the prestige of what. It means to beat top guy in new japan. Then those fans are gonna get interested in. That's all you really didn't. Then you have a couple of decent like your physical polar parts in the fans by into that so it's not impossible It just takes a lot of work and a lot of effort. I that's one thing. Ww thing kind of lacking or the last few months when it comes to storylines is outside of europe. You top guys. Everything else in the middle is just kind of fall apart. I just don't think there's a lot of emphasis put on building stuff right now. So i think that's that's what it would take actually build a guy like okada to the eyes of the casual failing. This guy's beat everybody your. He's the equivalent of what johnson has been. Here's how many times he held his belt. This belt hell by. Aj broad hogan you know every legend. That's everybody that's ever had alleged. W can throw that on tv so that does increase the procedure going in but it was just take a lot of effort and a lot of buildup to get to that point. Yeah i mean look at how they handled not for more. I mean enough said there. I mean they gave an opportunity coming on st when he was potentially the hottest and most popular annex champion Ever the since era was incredible annex day and he comes over to the main roster wins the royal rumble and impossibly outside of the drew mcintyre roma win one of the best rollerball match. We were seen most surprising gets a main of match wrestlemainia with with aj styles and Depending on you look at it W we dropped the ball. Nakimora dropped the ball in the nakimora is Like intermittently used on television. From that point forward so i just don't have high hopes for me to properly utilize a new japan partnership for me ron smackdown level versus an annex. Which then if you look at annexing no disrespect. Aws away to go for new japan. It would just make better business sense for them. And it's the right fan base for what they're trying to look for here in the united states of annex t this sunday is the second installment of nfc takeover in our house. Two thousand twenty one. We will preview and predict this sunday's paper view on peacock. Television dr trae. Let's get into it here. I'm surprised this is on the card for takeover in your hearts. Be in your house. Because i feel like there's been a better Feuds being built up on an xy television each week then this one however were getting on their mercedes martinez versus i leave. This is a tough one at pick. I feel mercedes. Martinez is hitting back to ron smackdown. So i'm gonna take xilai. This one iron. Think leave because i played wbz card on my phone and laze card is the highest rated female card. I have right now. So i think silje pursue we so if she wins. Does it give you more points or something. I don't how this works. It's basically kind of like just collect cards and power them up and then the cards fight other cards. They in joe. I have no allegiance. This magid all as trying to cover the rationale of why 'cause you big Her cars the highest rate. If you look hard at my deck so helped exactly all right next match here is bronson read an msk defending the annexing north american championship annex tag team championship grants llegado del. Fantasma in a winner takes all six man. Tag team match Dr troy this is an interesting twist is like you would book in. Wf no mercy or wrestlemainia two thousand on your video game system and here. It is playing out for the very first time that i can think of on actual wrestling television with that said i'm gonna go with laguna del fantasma to win the nfc north american championship and annex. Tag team championship. Let say to me. This is Something vince russo booking. Ww in two thousand. So this is kinda what those ideas i. i'm not opposed to it. It's nice to see them. Tried these different Just because i'm losing to you right now. The predictions i will take pay and bras and rica's bronson just got the north america title and they typically don't do quick title change with that belts We've seen at once with ghana that lost like one in the laws regarding a member. But i'll take. I'll take broad street. Amos geic is dudes right. Yeah this is a tough one to choose. I i liked the stipulation but another tough match choose actually matches. I felt like it was kind of hard to predict this sunday. Which is a good thing for the card going into it. Props of what he's doing right now Next match here is the ladder match for the vacant million dollar championship of really enjoyed this view. Camera grimes taken on l. a. My heart wants to take cameron. Grimes dr trae but my head of saint l. a. He's the guy that fits the million dollar man stereotype the best somebody with nyc in the win and become the new million dollar champion. I'm with you. I will say this at times when you're watching la night. He not kind of remind you of like stunning. Steve austin heading into a billion dollar champion the ringmaster time that s like dot in bed gimmick but just the way he presents himself yes. It's very very similar so I'm taking night although maybe the worst name currently going in. Wwe i was literally just going to say that. And and so much. So that for the first time i noticed on television this past week that his graphic as he's coming down to the ring is a night head and in like they have the top of the night. Ted is like open and it says. La like it's an awful minor league logo from like a baseball team. Like why would you name someone l. a. night. Well that and i keep getting confused is going to play. It was greenwich night. This you company and in l. la year so that they just fly funds and fuse laying around store like that'd be a great name and they would give them black and silver the la. It's so bad. It's such a bad name like i guess. And he's not even doing the eli drake thing like he would do right. I mean he's is he doing the same cadence with l. a. Night eight did early on. I haven't really paid attention to the last couple of weeks. But i know his first. Couple interviews Backstage he did the l. a. nights. You know so but yeah. It's like dude. I think. Probably also i don't know any human being named la so like that's just to me like he's still want to have a name. That sounds like a real person's name at times. And i don't know anybody else is like well no carmelo anthony's white as they wa law so i think that may be her like a nickname. I hope i don't know enough about la la anyway worst name and professional wrestling now. Drake wasn't as it wasn't that good. Either it was like something that was like a creative wrestler name but l. a. night. Wow what we think in here folks Next match for the nfc women's championship raquel gonzalez defense gets ever moon. I liked this matchup. But i'm gonna go with our cal gonzalez to get the victory probably easiest match from my perspective.

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