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Windows and turn around options fade the move would help it shed unprofitable stores and recapitalize the business users of boxer down eight percent in early trading the company which develops internet applications forecast third quarter sales the trailed analyst estimates del technologies reports this afternoon now let's get an update on our stocks are faring we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg innocent P. futures are up twenty five points Dow futures up two hundred thirty nasdaq futures of eighty seven the dachshund Germany's at one point one percent ten year treasury down five thirty seconds yields one point four nine percent the yield on the two year one point five one percent NYMEX crude oil up six tenths percent or thirty three cents to fifty six eleven a barrel and co make school this down a tenth of a percent down two dollars ten cents at fifteen forty seven announced the euro one point one zero seven six against the dollar straight ahead we have the latest world and national news and this is Bloomberg thank you Karen it's five thirty three on Wall Street it's time again to check in with Michael barn find out what else is happening in the world Michael thank you very much Dave in people importer Rico are breathing a sigh of relief as hurricane Dorian largely bypassed the Caribbean island officials had prepared for the worst especially after the hurricane Maria catastrophe in twenty seventeen now Dorian is forecast to grow into a dangerous category three hurricane by the time it makes landfall in Florida Jack Bevin is with the national hurricane center there's a chance in forty five the site we could be near or over portions of Florida or the southeastern United States although it's too early the pin point any specific area that's most threatened the state of emergency has been declared in Florida.

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